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OAR Reports - WED and Queries in HRS


HR Managers and Administrators can access reports in HRS to assist them in approving Outside Activity Reports (OAR). UW_HR_OAR_NEED_APRVL is a WED report created to find list of employees that has submitted an Outside Activity Report for a given calendar year with reported outside activity that needs a reviewer to approve. There are also four queries that can be viewed in Excel format to view employee progress on OAR.

Process Considerations:

  • This WED is available for credentialed users ONLY and is based on current security roles; queries will be viewable only if users have ability to fix them.
  • For general WED information, see TE - WED - Workflow Exception Dashboard
  • When working from the WED, employees will not automatically fall off the report once a user approves and submits the OAR. A WED process will run overnight and then the employee(s) who has(have) been approved will drop off of the report.
  • On the other hand, the queries described below update instantly and do not require an overnight process to refresh. However, unlike the WED Report, there is no direct link to the employee's OAR.
You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:

Instructions for OAR WED Report

  1. Log in to HRS. Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) Error Queries appear on the right. Error Queries appear based on your current security and whether there are errors to fix.

    WED Login
  2. To filter the results of the Error Query list further, options appear below.

    Search filters
    Module = Cast net by specific functional group queries
    Priority = All queries by default are sorted High, Medium, Low
    Business Unit = Filter by campus
    Dept ID = Filter by specific Dept ID (must enter full alpha + six digit code)
    DeptID (like) = Filter by particular Dept ID to capture larger net at the division level or multiple departments
  3. Click the UW_HR_OAR_NEED_APRVL query link. 
    Note: Once you see the query results, there are filters above the list: Business Unit, DeptID (1), DeptID - Like (2), Show Claimed, Show Completed.
  4. Click the "Check to Claim" check box. Your name will appear in the Claimed by section with the Date and Time noted.

    Image of check to claim
  5. For the employee you have claimed, click the UW_HR_OAR_FORM_MGR link in the Link to Correct column.

    Link to correct
  6. A new browser tab opens with the employee's OAR form.

    OAR Form
  7. Once in the employee form, review it, and scroll to the bottom of it to the "Review Approval Information" section.

    review and approve
  8. When "Approved by Reviewer" is checked, it will automatically fill Reviewed Date Time Stamp and Reviewer ID. Update "Reviewer Comments" Section and click Submit.

    approve and submit
  9. Close the browser tab that has the employee's OAR.
  10. (This is an optional step that can be used by a group of HR Administrators so that they know who has completed which employee's OAR in an effort to prevent having two HR Administrators work on the same employee's OAR at the same time.)
    Back on the UW_HR_OAR_NEED_APRVL Query page, click the "Completed" check box. Your name will appear in the Completed by column and the date and time will be noted in the Completed Date/Time column.

     Completed check box
  11. You can continue to work on the OARs you find on the UW_HR_OAR_NEED_APPRVL Query page.
  12. To return to the main WED page, you can either click the Home link or the Return to Dashboard link, which is available on every page.

    Home link
    Return to Dashboard link

Running an OAR Query

Another option for HR Administrators wishing to find information about employee progress on Outside Activity Report completion is to run queries in HRS. These are four queries that are available:

  • UW_HR_OAR_FORM_DATA - lists all data on the OAR form

  • UW_HR_OAR_FORM_NOT_SBMT - lists employees who have not submitted the OAR, including those that have clicked Save for Later

  • UW_HR_OAR_FORM_NO_ACTVTY - lists employees who submitted the OAR and checked "No outside activity"

  • UW_HR_OAR_NEED_APRVL - Lists employees that has submitted Outside Activity form for a given calendar year, reported outside activity and needs reviewer to approve the activity reported.

Here are the steps to run an OAR query:

  1. Log in to HRS.
  2. Navigate to Query Viewer from the home page by clicking the NavBar icon and choosing Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.
  3. Enter UW_HR_OAR in the "begins with" field and click Search.

    enter term and search
  4. The queries listed above will appear. You can view the results in a few different formats, with the Excel format being the most common. To view the format in Excel format, click the Excel link in the Run to Excel column.

    run to excel
  5. On the new tab that appears, you can determine the business unit(s) and department(s) you want to view.
    NOTE: Enter the % symbol in the "Business Unit" and/or "Department fields" to see all that you can access, or enter the first couple of numbers common to the business unit or department followed by the % symbol to see multiple business units or departments.

    View results
  6. An Excel spreadsheet displaying the results of the query appears.
  7. With the employees listed in the resulting spreadsheet, go to the HR Manager OAR Form Review in HRS and search for the employees listed.

    Hr Manager OAM Form

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