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Processing the Mixed FLSA Status in HRS


The UW_HR_MIXED_FLSA_STATUS WED is to identify employee with multiple jobs AND mixed FLSA statuses. FLSA Status is based on the employee not the job record. Therefore, the employee’s primary job’s FLSA status is the status that all other job records should mirror. Example: Employee has 3 active jobs (job records 0,1, and 2). Job Record 0 is the employee's primary job and has been determined to be Exempt, therefore job records 1 and 2 also need to have an Exempt FLSA Status.

Process Considerations:

  • A UW_HR_FLSA_MIXED_STATUS query exists to obtain more employee detail.
  • When reviewing the Mixed FLSA statuses,  some institutions may have to work with other institutions to determine Primary Job if it is not fully established.
  • When it has been determined which FLSA status the job record needs to change to, a calculation of the employee's salary will need to be performed to ensure the employee has the same overall compensation rate (or slightly higher - NEVER lower)
  • If it has been determined that an employee’s primary job FLSA status should be Exempt AND the employee has an overall annual compensation rate UNDER the FLSA Threshold of $35,568* (based on federal policy effective Jan 1,2020), then the Threshold Exemption Field should be updated to a reason of WHY the employee is exempt. Reason’s include: Academic Administrator, Camp Counselor, Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, Multiple Jobs, and Not Subject to FLSA. Each job record should be updated as appropriate.       Note: *The FLSA Threshold amount is defined as the annual sum of compensation rates for all active jobs.
  • Security Roles required for Shared Services - UW_SSC_HR_SERVICE_CENTER or for end user - UW_UNV_HR_REPORTS
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Instructions for Sending Report to Institutions to Review

  1. Log into HRS
  2. Navigate to: Workforce Administration - Job Information - UW FLSA WorkCenter
  3. Notate the total Errors on the UW_HR_MIXED_FLSA_STATUS on the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) and compare to the total errors on the UW_HR_FLSA_MIXED_STATUS query (Step 4)
  4. Run the following PRIVATE query until the public query: UW_HR_FLSA_MIXED_STATUS
  5. Leave Business Unit and Dept ID blank (unless running for a specific institution or Dept)
  6. Export file to Excel
  7. Add a new tab
  8. On new tab create a pivot table by performing the following steps:
    • Put cursor in A5
    • Go to Insert Tab
    • Select Pivot Table
  9. For Table Range enter: sheet1!$A$2:$U$30000
  10. In the Pivot box to the right, select Business Unit for the Filter and EMPLID for the Rows
  11. Go back to Sheet1 and create new header on Column V Row 2: Total Annual Rate
  12. In Column W Row 3 enter the following formula and carry the formula to the bottom of the sheet: =SUMIFS(T:T,B:B,B3)
  13. Go back to Sheet1 and create new header on Column W Row 2: Multi Campus Match
  14. In Column W Row 3 enter the following formula and carry the formula to the bottom of the sheet: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B3,Sheet2!A:A,1,FALSE),"")
  15.  On sheet1 highlight row 2 and go to Data tab and select "Filter"
  16. Create Spreadsheets for each Institution listed in column A
  17. Go to Sheet2 and select one institution in the drop down
  18. Go Back to Sheet1 and filter each institution from column R, then copy the data from Column A2 to V2 into the appropriate spreadsheet. Continue steps 14 and 15 until until all institutions have been copied over.
  19. Send the spreadsheets to the appropriate AG Leads so they can disseminate to the appropriate users at the institutions to review. Institutions should be instructed that they can update the information in HRS themselves or they can submit the spreadsheet back to the AGs at UWSS - Operations and HR/FIN/TAM Operations team can update their changes for them. If the institution prefers to make their own changes, please refer them to the following KBs: Updating FLSA Status and Updating FLSA Threshold Exemption Field.

Additional Resources

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Get Help

  • Click HERE to contact UW Shared Services - Service Operations Department or HERE for the UWSS IT HelpDesk if you have any issues with these instructions.

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