Refunding Benefits Using an Off-Cycle Payroll in HRS


When an employee does not have a correct deduction taken from his or her check and can't wait until the next on-cycle payroll you can request a benefit refund off-cycle. This should only be done in a case of hardship.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Send an email to UW Shared Services.  Please include the following information.
    • Name of employee 
    • Empl ID of employee
    • Benefit code
    • Amount of refund 
    • Pay Run the error occurred on
  2. A ticket will be set up with the benefit refund form attached.
  3. The ticket will be forwarded to the payroll team and will be processed.
  4. You will be notified when the off-cycle payment has been processed.

/images/group61/shared/9.2_Warning_Sign.png  Warning!  Watch for any benefits retro that may be created on-cycle so a duplicate refund isn't done.  

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