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Processing Organizational Department Set Up Requests in HRS


Organizational Department update requests are submitted by UW Institutions to the Service Center through Cherwell WiscITs. Typically, these requests are made during the Fiscal Year Organizational Department Changes and Processes in May. Specific instructions for this annual project are sent to each UW Institution at the beginning of May each year. However, there are often separate requests made during the course of the year and this document addresses the procedures for handling these ad hoc requests.

Process Considerations:

  • Tier 1 AG staff should ensure that the HRS Organizational Department Changes/Requests forms are submitted with the request and are in proper order, including ensuring all signatures are present, before the request is escalated to the HR Team. Request forms missing required signatures will be returned. HRS Department changes will not be made until request forms with appropriate signatures are received.
    • The request forms are located on the UW Shared Services - Human Resources website. The PDF version must be completed and signed for all requests. If the number of changes exceed the form limit, the Excel spreadsheet template should accompany the PDF form.

    • For inactivating departments, if the form indicates there are people residing in the department, an Org Dept they should be moved to must be listed.

    • All UW Madison requests are filtered through

      • The Campus HR Approval is typically signed from a member of that team (Catharine DeRubeis or Carla Raatz).

      • Institutional Finance Approval can be blank as long as customer indicated they have routed Madison's financial department form to Madison Business Services somewhere in the ticket.
  • Organizational Department additions/changes are entered directly into HRS production. Organizational Departments are updated in non-production environments as part of the regular environment refresh schedule.
  • Encumbrance Definitions setup and Department-Level funding creation used to be completed by another team member due to separation of duty conflicts. However, all steps (HR & Finance) are currently completed by one individual


A. Review Request Form

1. Org Dept requests will come in via Cherwell WiscIT. Review the ticket Journals - Human Interactions history and attached request forms
2. Follow up with customer if the request is invalid or unclear; for example:
  • Unintelligible abbreviations; for example, see JIRA HRS-44297 - Customer requested department name "HBSSWMCWP."
  • Too many characters; Department Descriptions are limited to 30 characters, including spaces.
    • Both forms limit descriptions to 30 characters, though the PDF form is commonly submitted with description names written in.
3. If the request is for UWMSN and was not submitted by (typically Catharine DeRubeis or Carla Raatz), reply to the customer:
Attach: request form the customer provided
Email Message:
Thank you for submitting this request. Organizational Department requests for UWMSN are typically filtered through (cc'd).

HRIS Team - Please review this request with (customer name). If it is determined to move forward with this request, please submit a new ticket.

Please let me know if there are any questions. In the meantime, I will be closing this ticket.
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B. Search for Existing Organizational Department

HRS Navigation: Set Up HCM > Foundation Tables > Organization > Departments

1. For NEW Department requests,ensure that the requested department does not already exist

  • Search by requested Department code (UDDS); e.g. C123456

  • Also search by Description; search using a variety of abbreviations, changing search operator to "contains" as necessary

  • Reply to customer if department already exists to validate their request. If it is a reactivation, skip to step D.

2. All organizational departments must have a corresponding Department Code set up for the portion of the full Department Code that represents the Division and the Department.

Dept Code C123456
C = campus identifier
12 = division identifier
34 = department identifier
56 = sub-department identifier

For department C123456, there needs to be a department in HRS with Code "C12" and "C1234."

  • Make a note of whether a division-level (e.g. C12) or department-level Department Code (e.g. C1234) will be needed; you will need this later when you create the JIRA

  • If a new division will be created as a result of the request, email the customer and ask what name should be used

    • Divisions names typically have the prefix DIV-, leaving up to 26 characters for the name

3. For Department CHANGE and INACTIVATION requests, validate that the relevant department(s) exists in HRS:

  • For Change requests, also search by Description to ensure the requested Description change is not already applied to a different department within that institution

    • If another active department has the same name, email the customer to confirm request

  • For Inactivation requests, if employees exist in departments being inactivated, we should offer [Link for document 82416 is unavailable at this time.] if it is a large employee population
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C. Save Request Form(s)

1. Save the Org Dept Changes/Requests form(s) attached to the WiscIT to the appropriate institution's Fiscal Year Org Dept folder at:

S: > ServiceCenterNew > UW HR TAM > HRS Configuration > FY YYYY Organizational Department Updates > UWXXX
  • Use file name: Business Unit - WiscIT number - Dept/Divison and type of change
    •  Examples:
UWMSN - 1234567 A54 Add and Change (list only the division if multiple dept's on request)
UWMSN - 1234567 A123456 Add  (list the dept if only one dept on request)
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D. Create JIRA

1. Create a JIRA maintaining the same naming conventions and documentation format for consistency purposes

Sample JIRA: HRS-51734

2. Populating the following fields:

Project: UW Human Resource System
Issue Type:
System Issue
UWXXX Fiscal year 20XX Organizational Department Request - X999999 (function: i.e. Add; Change; Inactivate)
Example: UWMSN Fiscal Year 2018 Organizational Department Request – A545003 (Add)
Problem Type: Configuration
Reporter: you
Attachment: the request form from the WiscIT, saved at S: > ServiceCenterNew > UW HR TAM > HRS Configuration > FY YYYY Organizational Department Updates > UWXXX
Description: explanation of what is being requested. Details can include the requestor's name and institution, other information from the request form, HRS navigation
Reporting Campus: campus making the request
HRS Change Management Impact: an explanation similar to Configuration work is external facing and specific to UWXXX. Communication will be handled by the requestor; no AG slides needed.
# of Campuses Impacted: 1-5
WiscIT#: WiscIT number tied to the request

3. Click Create. Watch the top right of your screen. There, JIRA will show that you've officially created a new incident; click on that notice. If you miss it, you will need to search for your newly created JIRA.

4. Link the new JIRA to the primary Organizational Department JIRA for the current Fiscal Year

  • There is a primary tracking JIRA for each Fiscal Year. All individual Organizational Department requests should have their JIRAs linked to this primary JIRA. Examples:
    • HRS-52463 Fiscal Year 2020 Organizational Department Changes and Processes (Primary HR Specific)
    • HRS-55866 Fiscal Year 2021 Organizational Department Changes and Processes (Primary HR Specific)
  • To find Link, click the More tab at the top of the page, locate and select Link

5. Add the appropriate FY20yy OrgDept label to the new JIRA

  • Labels are found in Details (top of page) usually after Priority and before Sub-Priority
  • The Priority sections are completed during the approval process (Tami Eberle)

6. If you haven't done so already, add attachments from WiscIT to JIRA

7. Add Team: HRS_HR_TAM_and_Finance as watchers

8. Assign the JIRA to the HR Manager (Tami Eberle) with comment similar to: "Tami, assigning to you for review. Please approve this small effort configuration change to occur in HRS." 

E. Update WiscIT

1. Add a Journal Note:

Request form saved to S: > ServiceCenterNew > UW HR TAM > HRS Configuration > FY YYYY Organizational Department Updates > UWXXX

Created JIRA HRS-99999 and routed for approval.

2. Populate the JIRA field in the WiscIT

F. Add Organizational Department(s) in HRS

Org Departments can be added, renamed, inactivated, and/or re-activated in production HRS after all approvals have been received and JIRA has been reassigned back to you, the JIRA "Reporter".

1. Set JIRA status to "In Progress"

For Org Dept name change, skip to step L

For Inactivating Org Dept, skip to step M

To Add New or Reactivate Org Dept, continue reading

HRS Navigation: Set Up HCM > Foundation Tables > Organization > Departments

2. Add the Full Department Code (e.g. A540210)

Add a New Value tab (Find an Existing Value, if reactivating)

Department: enter the full Dept ID

Department Profile tab

Applies to new and reactivated departments

Effective Date: 06/01/20YY (6/1 effective date is used to match the Department Security Tree)
Description: paste from request; use all caps; no punctuation if possible
Short Description: same as Dept ID
Company: UWS
Manager Type: None
Tax Location: related Business Unit, e.g., UWGBY

Comm. Acctg. And EG tab (EG stands for Education and Government)

Check Grant Tenure if indicated in request

Always check Use Comm Acctg/Budgeting; once you do this, the next two boxes will automatically be checked.

Uncheck Use Encumbrance Processing if request indicated that this department should not be encumbered.

Check Use TL Distribution


* If reactivating department, continue following the remaining steps to update and/or validate Encumbrance Definitions, Department-Level Funding, and Security Tree setup.

3. Add Division- and/or Department-level Department Codes, if they don't already exist

Division - Department Profile tab

Department: should be 3 characters (e.g. A54)
Effective Date: same effective date as newly created Dept ID
Description: DIV-(from the request form/WiscIT in all caps)
Short Description: same as Department
Company: UWS
Manager Type: None
Tax Location: leave blank

Department - Department Profile tab

Department: should be 5 characters (e.g. A5402)
Effective Date: same effective date as newly created Dept ID
Description: DEPT-(the 5 character Department)
Short Description: same as Department
Company: UWS
Manager Type: None
Tax Location: leave blank

Both Division & Department - Comm. Acctg. And EG tab

Only check Use TL Distribution


G. Setup Encumbrance Definitions

For new or reactivated departments.

If Encumber says No on the request form, this step can be skipped; if Yes, continue:

HRS Navigation: Set Up HCM > Product Related > Commitment Accounting > Encumbrance Information > Encumbrance Definitions

1. On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter the following:

Department: the new Dept ID
Default Level:
Click Search

Want no values returned

2. Select Add a New Value tab

Remove Empl Rcd Nbr
Click Add

3. Change Effective Date to 06/01/20xx

Note: Use the same Effective Date used for the Department creation

4. Save

You will not immediately be able to use the Find An Existing Value tab to search for and review your Encumbrance Definition entry. The Encumbrance Definition data will not be viewable until HRS Security has added the department to the Security Tree. To validate your work in the meantime, use SQL Developer or Toad to run the SQL statement below; update the DEPTID criterion as appropriate.

select * from ps_encumb_defn_tbl
where EFF_STATUS = 'A'
and DEPTID like 'A37%';    *update division (A37) before running

Expected SQL results should return the DEPTID criterion used, as well as:
EFFDT = effective date used when added
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H. Create Department-Level Funding

For new or reactivated departments.

HRS Navigation: Set Up HCM > Product Related > Commitment Accounting > Budget Information > Budget Funding Data Entry

1. Search for existing Department-Level funding
Find an Existing Value tab
Update Business Unit
Enter Dept ID
Fiscal Year:
YYYY, where YYYY = the FY listed in the request form
   (e.g. "FY 2019" refers to the 07/01/2018 to 06/30/2019 time period)
Budget Level: Department
We expect no values to be returned.
2. Add Department-Level funding
Add a New Value tab
Business Unit: should already be populated
Department ID:
should already be populated
Fiscal Year: should already be populated
Budget Level: should already be populated
Position Number: should remain blank
Empl ID: should remain blank
Empl Rcd:  Clear out
Click Add
3. Effective Date: starting in FY19, this will be the first pay period begin date in the fiscal year at any UW system institution.
For FY19, the date is 06/18/2018. For FY20, the date is 06/17/2019.
This date can be verified in Fiscal Year End Considerations in HRS
4. Enter the funding string provided on the request form
If the provided funding string is currently invalid, try again after the security work is completed (step J).

If the provided funding string is still invalid after the security work is complete, or if the customer was asked for department funding and declined to provide it, then create the Department-Level funding using default funding:
  • The following business units have established one funding string for their business unit that is used for the department-level funding for all departments at that business unit:
    • C - Eau Claire - 128-024014-1
    • E - La Crosse - 128-072410-1
    • H - Platteville - 128-981000-1
    • K - Stevens Point - 128-029999-1
    • R - Colleges - 103-011391-1
    • T - Extension - 136-989130-1-SYS
  • If the department is for a different campus than above, enter the following:
    • Fund: 128
    • Dept: PRDFLT
    • Program: 1
    • Distribution: 100%
5. Save

6. If the Org Dept request is for the current Fiscal Year and the Fiscal Year End rollover has already occurred, you'll need to also create Department-Level funding for the upcoming Fiscal Year by repeating steps 1-5
  • Example: Org Dept request is for FY19 creation, but received and processed by the UWSC HR team after the FY19 to FY20 Funding Rollover was completed on June 2
  • In this scenario, need to create both FY19 and FY20 Department-Level funding for the new Org Dept(s) using the same funding string

I. Update JIRA

1. Add a comment that reflects HRS changes that were made

  • Created new departments
  • Set up Encumbrance Definitions
  • Created Department-Level funding

J. Route JIRA to HRS Security Team

1. Add Team: HRS Security as JIRA Watchers

2. Add the following comment to the JIRA

Security Team,

Please add Organizational Department X999999 to the 06-01-20xx DEPT_SECURITY Tree (FY 20xx). Also, please set up Security Permissions and run the SJT process for each as well.

Note: If the Security Tree for the upcoming Fiscal Year has been created, you will need to ask the Security Team to add the department to that tree as well. The Security Tree for the upcoming FY is usually created in late December, early January. Follow steps below to see if the upcoming FY Security Tree has been created in HRS.

2. Assign JIRA to Team: HRS Security

Note: There is a two-day service level agreement with the Security team to complete their tasks.

K. Validate Security Team Work

After the Security Team has assigned the JIRA back to HR (you, the Reporter):

1. Validate the Permission Lists have been set up correctly

HRS Navigation: PeopleTools > Security > Permissions & Roles > Permission List

Permission List: UW_DP_newly created Dept IDs, e.g., UW_DP_A992005
Also search for new divisions, e.g., UW_DP_A99, if they needed to be set up

If the newly created departments/divisions show up, no further validation required

2. Validate the Security Tree entry to ensure the newly created/activated departments are present

Also search for new divisions, e.g., A99 and/or A9920, if they needed to be set up

HRS Navigation: Tree Manager > Tree Viewer

On the search page, select Search

Select the appropriate Tree Name that has the Fiscal Year Effective Date the newly created department is tied to


Effective Date: 06/01/20YY (one month before current FY start date)

Click the Find link, enter the newly created Dept IDs, click Find button

Tree Viewer

Find Value

If the Dept ID you entered exists in the list, it is part of the Security Tree. If it is not set up correctly, you will receive the following message:


3. If request does not include changing other dept names or inactivating other dept, close JIRA and WiscIT (see last step)

L. Change Organizational Department Name

HRS Navigation: Set Up HCM > Foundation Tables > Organization > Departments

1. Add a 07/01/20YY Effective-Dated row and update the existing Org Dept description name

  • The 07/01/20YY date is used for the update since that is the beginning date of the Fiscal Year.

2. Add comment to JIRA noting actions taken

3. Close JIRA and WiscIT (see last step)

 [Optional] Job Data Records

  • When a department's name is changing, Job Data rows with an Effective Date before the description name change Effective Date will likely not update
    • In these cases, rows must be added to Job Data with an Effective Date equal to or after the department description name update
    • It is not necessary to add these Job Data rows unless requested by the customer
    • If requested, consider the timing of the request and consider if this update is worthwhile; for example, it may be known that mass Job Data rows will be added in the near future related to FYE (encumbrance initialization), comp plan or ABE (ICI)
  • If the volume is low enough, it may be simpler for us to simply enter the changes into Job Data
  • Run the following query identify employees who may need an update

HRS Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer/Manager

Public Query Name: UW_HR_DEPT_CHG_EE_LIST

M. Inactivate Organizational Department

ACTION: Before any updates can be made, it is critical that all active employees and POI's currently assigned to the Organizational Department being inactivated are identified and moved to a new Organizational Department.

1. Run the following queries queries:

HRS Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer/Manager

  • Public Query Name: UW_HR_DEPT_CHG_EE_LIST for employees

  • Public Query Name: UW_HR_ACTIVE_POI_DEPT for POIs

  • Public Query Name: UW_HR_POSITION_DATA_DEPT for positions
    • Optional - we currently do not require active vacant positions to be updated before inactivating the Org Dept

2. These listings should be routed to the requesting institution so that current employees and POI's can be moved to active Organizational Departments. The employee and POI updates must take place before the Organizational Department being requested to be inactivated can be inactivated.

  • At times, the listings of current employees that are assigned to an Organizational Department that is to be inactivated can be large. Under these circumstances, the [Link for document 82416 is unavailable at this time.] process can be utilized to make these updates.

3. When the Org Dept no longer has active employees or POI's within, add an Effective-Dated row to update the existing Organizational Department status from Active to Inactive

HRS Navigation: Set Up HCM > Foundation Tables > Organization > Departments

  • The Effective Date should be today's date, or as soon as you have validated that there are no more active employees or POIs assigned to the department, whichever is later

4. Add comment to JIRA noting actions taken to inactivate the department; also note that the employee and POI listings have been created and appropriately actions were taken within in HRS (if any)

5. Close JIRA and WiscIT (see last step)

N. Close JIRA and WiscIT

1. Add comment in JIRA to capture any final updates made that were not included in prior comments

2. Close JIRA

3. Contact customer through Cherwell, indicating that their request has been fulfilled; Note: the following reminders should be included in all completion emails:

A new Appointment-level funding value needs to be added anytime an employee is hired, rehired, transferred, or their Organizational Department changes. The Service Center has the capability to mass load Organizational Department and/or Appointment-level funding changes to employee Job records in HRS; request must be for roughly 100+ employees. Please see the following KB’s for more information: and

When an employee’s Organizational Department changes, Time and Labor Security needs to be updated; please see

If a tenure granting Organizational Department is inactivated, an employee's tenure data may need to be updated; please see

When new Organizational Departments are created, Workflow for Additional Pay (WfAP) Approvers need to be set up; please see

To ensure the most current Organizational Department Changes/Requests Form(s) are used for future requests, refer to the UWSC HR webpage

Please let me know if you have any questions. In the meantime, I will be closing this ticket.

4. Add Journal note to WiscIT to capture additional detail, if needed

5. Close WiscIT

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  • Click HERE to contact UW Shared Services - Service Operations Department or HERE for the UWSS IT HelpDesk if you have any issues with these instructions.

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