Running the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reports in HRS


This document provides the steps for running the ACA reports, examples of output reports and a description of each report, as well as an explanation of the data elements.

Process Considerations:

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1. Navigate to: UW HR Reports>ACA Hours Reports

2. Click on Find an Existing Value to select a Run Control ID or create one by clicking on the Add a New Value tab.

  • A run control ID can be your initials, name, or any other identifier you choose.  Click the Add button to add that value.
3. Enter parameters for the ACA Hours Reports
  • Year = Calendar year being reviewed (i.e. 2016)
  • Month= Numeric value for beginning month
    • Jan=1, Feb=2, Mar=3, etc
  • Process Thru Month = Numeric value for ending month
  • Campus (Optional)= Narrow search to specific campus
    • Green Bay = UWGBY, Madison = UWMSN, etc.
    • Optional field, wildcard not needed
  • Pay Group Starts With (Optional) = Narrow search to specific pay group
  • Empl ID = to run for an employee. If left blank, report processes for all employees

Upd. Run Control Page

4. Click "Run"

5. Select the report(s) to be reviewed. Multiple reports may be checked at the same time, but check the Measurement Period Report only if you are reviewing specific employees.

9.2 Process Scheduler Page

6. Click "OK"

7. Click on the Process Monitor to view the status.

9.2 Process Monitor Hyperlink

8. On this screen, look for the process instance and click "Details" when Run Status reads "Success" and Distribution Status reads "Posted". Click the yellow refresh button until it is successfully posted.

Upd. Details Hyperlink

9. On Process Details screen, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink to check the output file.

9.2 View Log Trace Hyperlink

10. Locate the File List and find the Excel file to view the report. If multiple reports have been selected, each report must be opened individually.

9.2 Excel Output File

ACA Hours Report Sample Outputs

1. Missing ACAHW Hours

  • Lump sum payments with no ACAHW hours reported where Days-Worked Equivalency method is being used. Hours Data Element Table

2. Unmatched ACAHW Hours

  • Time that has been entered in Time & Labor using ACAHW time reporting code with no corresponding lump sum payment. Hours Data Element Table

3. ACA Hours Report

4. ACA Full-Time Trending Report

  • Use to identify borderline full-time eligible and full-time eligible employees whose current total hours and their expected hours are equal to or greater than 120 hours. Trending Data Element Table  

5. Measurement Period Report

Measurement Report

6. Not Affordable Full-Time Employees Report

Not Affordable

Data Elements

Hours Report

9.2 Hours Report

Trending Report

9.2 Trending Report

Measurement Report

measurement table

Not Affordable Report

9.2 Not Affordable table

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