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The objective of this KB document is to understand how to set up summer appointments, when the Summer Hire function can be used, and how to pay lump sum payments to current employees for summer appointments.

  • This document applies only to UW-Madison. Users from other campuses should refer to documentation intended for their campuses.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Summer Appointments
Audience: HR and Payroll professionals who hire and manage summer appointments.
Overarching Process: Overview of hiring summer appointments (summer service and summer session)


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Key Terms

Here is a list of key terms that may be used with managing summer appointments:

  • Academic Year Employees - also known as C basis or C pay basis – employees paid on a 9-month contract.
  • Summer Service & Summer Session – separate job during the summer either Research/Other or Teaching by employees who hold a C basis position during the academic year or are hired from outside the university only for summer employment.
  • Expected Job End Date (EJED) - the last day the employee is in pay status in that job.
  • Short Work Break - Academic Year Employees are placed on Short Work Break, through a batch process run by the service center, at the end of the contact year. This makes their payroll status inactive until the start of the fall contract.
  • Return from Short Work Break - Academic Year Employees in renewable positions are returned from Short Work Break on their first day of the fall contract, through a batch process run by the service center, making their payroll status active.
  • Auto Termination - a nightly process that automatically adds a termination row to a job (with an EJED) with an effective date of +1 day after the EJED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Procedural Steps

  • Processing a Summer Appointment using the Summer Hire function.
    • Log In Screen
      Fig. 1

      Step 1

      A) Access the Summer Hire Function through the JEMS Hire System

    • Searching
      Fig. 2

      Step 2

      A) Search for person using Empl ID and click search
      B) Select the record to use
      C) Enter in pay basis
      D) Click add hire

    • Searching
      Fig. 3

      Step 3

      A) On the Position Tab - Fill in FTE

    • Searching
      Fig. 4

      Step 4

      A) Enter effective date
      B) Enter EJED

    • Searching
      Fig. 5

      Step 5

      A) Enter HR Contact information

    • Step 6

      A) Once Step 5 is complete it is time to choose one of the following actions:
      - Submit - submit the form for divisional approval (if department)
      - Approve - approve summer hire (if the position is responsible for approving summer help)
      - Send to HRS - push data to HRS

  • Hiring a new employee into summer appointment but will begin working prior to the appointment start date.
    • These steps should be used when a new employee has been hired for a fall appointment, but will start prior to the appointment start date. These steps should be followed if the hire has not been added into JEMS yet.

      Academic New Hire Working in the Summer System
      1 Check the PVL,to make sure the Assured Consideration Date has passed. PVL
      2 Create the C-Basis job in JEMS-Hire first, using the same effective (hire) date as the intended summer position
      JEMS – Hire/Transfer
      3 Division manually places the employees C-Basis job on a short work break with the same effective date as the hire

      4 Create a PVL waiver for the summer position with the same effective date
      5 Once OHR approved, complete hire in JEMS Summer Hire JEMS – Summer

  • Steps to take if a person is hired for fall and hire has already been made in JEMS
    • These steps should be used when a new employee has been hired for a fall appointment, but will start prior to the appointment start date. These steps should be followed if the hire is already in JEMS.

      Fall Hire Working in The Summer - Already in JEMS System
      1 If the, C-Basis job was entered before the early start is known, then contact the Service Center to change the start date of the job to be the same date as the, summer job; the SC will also automatically create a short work break. HRS
      2 PVL wavier is required for summer jobs for AS, LI, or FA Empl Classes. PVL
      3 The Service Center will change the start date to match the start date for the summer appointment. The academic year job will be immediately placed on a short work break with the same effective date.
      4 Complete the hire using JEMS – Hire/Transfer Function JEMS – Hire/Transfer
  • Steps to use when an individual will work multiple summer appointments

    • Working Multiple Summer Appointments
      1 If multiple appointments in the summer, then create separate Employment records (Empl Recs) for each appointment.
      2 If known always enter the appointment with the earlier effective date first for ease with JEMS processing.
  • Steps for Adding Lump Sum Payments
    • Follow these steps when hiring a current C-Basis employee on a lump sum instead of by FTE, the appointment must be set up using the JEMS Hire/Transfer function within the JEMS Hire system. Note: Lump sums cannot be used if an employee must record hours for effort reporting.

      • Log In Screen
        Fig. 1

        Step 1

        A) Access the Hire/Transfer feature through the JEMS Hire System

      • Lump Sum Search
        Fig. 2

        Step 2

        A) Search for person using Empl ID and click search B) Select the Recruitment Type: No associated PVL/Waiver

      • Lump Sum Position Tab
        Fig. 3

        Step 3

        A) The Person and Person Contact Tabs need to be completed per normal JEMS Hire.
        B) The Position Tab need to be completed. Fill in the FTE as 0 and the Continuity as 02A.
        C) All the other fields on the Position Tab should be filled in to match the hiring information.

      • Lump Sum Job Data
        Fig. 4

        Step 4

        A) Complete the Job Tab (The effective date and expected end date must fall within the summer calendar.)
        B) The additional pay/lump sum should be filled in with the proposed amount of the lump sum (This information does not push to HRS - Once approved, the payment should be set up in Additional Pay in HRS).
        C) The pay basis must be Summer Session (SS) or Summer Service (SV).
        D) The comp rate must be $0 since you are paying a lump sum payment.

      • Step 5

        A) Complete the remaining JEMS Tabs and send the hire through to HRS. Once the appointment is in HRS, the Additional Pay must be entered by the Division into HRS.

        Additional Considerations for Lump Sum Payments

        When adding Additional Pay, choose the correct employment record (Not C Basis empl record).
        Unclassified Lump earnings code = LWR (Use this when FTE <1.0).
        Effective date = beginning of the pay period or if they were hired mid-pay period, use the hire effective date.
        Expected End Date = expected last day of the summer appointment.

Additional Resources

  • 2 Ninths Report
    • Summer pay in previous years for C basis employees to aid in 2/9 reporting.

  • Summer Hiring Action Table
    •  System(s) Used  When to Use  Exceptions/Notes
      JEMS Hire: Summer Hire feature A C-basis employee was active during the previous spring semester, and the summer job will be at the same rate of pay, title, department. Visiting titles and rehired annuitants cannot use Summer Hire and must be hired using one of the other systems/approaches.
      JEMS Hire: Recruitment Type No associated PVL/waiver  Hiring Summer Session or Summer Service positions to be paid as a lump sum. Can only be used when pay basis is SS/SV and Comp Rate is $0.
      Used for visiting titles and Professor Emeritus appointments, which don’t require a PVL/waiver.
      PVL/Waiver: Once approved then use JEMS Hire Recruitment Type Hired Based on PVL/waiver Individual is being hired from outside UW, or is current C-basis employee but will be working in a different title, department, or position. A-basis employees asked to work in the summer are not paid as SS/SV basis. They need to be set up as A-basis.

  • UW-Madison Summer Term Calendars
  • UW-Madison 2018 Summer Session Codes

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