Reviewing the Health Opt-Out Incentive Business Process in HRS


This procedure describes the business process for employees wanting to elect the Health Opt-Out incentive. Effective January 1, 2016, UW employees who are covered under the State Group Health Insurance program may be eligible to receive $2,000 by opting out of the program.

Process Considerations:

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Employee & Employer Share Incentive Payroll Schedule:  

01A January

01B January

02A February

02B February

03A March

03B March

04A April

04B April

05A May

05B May

06A June

06B June

07A July 

07B July

08A August

08B August

09A September

09B September

10A October

10B October

11A November

11B November

12A December

12B December


*Health Opt-Out incentive payments will never take on C payrolls.


Institution Process:

  1. Verify the employee completes the following sections of the State Group Health insurance application:
    • Section 1: Applicant Information
    • Section 2: Spouse Information
    • Section 12: Decline Health Insurance and Elect the Opt Out Incentive marked YES
    • Section 13: Employee signature and dated
  2. Complete the Employer Information section.
  3. Enter information in Section 11 into HRS - Benefits Personal Data page.
  4. Enroll the employee into the Health Opt-Out plan in HRS - On-Demand page.
  5. If the employee rescinds their Health Opt-Out enrollment, update HRS to remove/change the Health Opt-Out enrollment.

UWSS Service Operations Process:

  1. Complete initial verification.
  2. Send to ETF to verify eligibility.
  3. Create a ticket with Empl_ID, Employee Name, and Health Opt-Out verification.
  4. Notify the employee of approval or denial.
    • If Health Opt-Out is denied, remove enrollment from HRS.

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