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Processing the WED SOD Reports in HRS


The UW_HR_SOD Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) reports are reports created to find users who have created HRS entries which could have a potential Separation of Duties (SOD) conflict. These entries appear in the WED notifying credentialed users of the need to review the reports, and sign to verify that the potential conflicts have been reviewed. By signing these reports, no automatic actions are taken and the user attests that they will take corrective action if necessary.

The schedule for these SOD reports are as follows:

  • Weekly: New SOD reports are generated, displaying only new entries with potential conflict. These reports are typically available each Monday morning.
  • Nightly: The WED reports update to display only those EMPLIDs with outstanding, unsigned SOD reports.

This knowledge base document explains the common path to be followed for all SOD WED reports, including:

  • UW_HR_SOD_HR01
  • UW_HR_SOD_HR02
  • UW_HR_SOD_PY02

Although each report has different content, their layout and controls are the same. For the sake of explanation, all screenshots will be from HR01. This procedure provides instructions for completing the WED report by reviewing the SOD reports. For more specific information on how to navigate and use the WED, please reference 30555.

You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


  1. Log into HRS and the WED Home tile will appear on the fluid Administrator Homepage. Reports appear based on your current security and whether there are transactions to review. NOTE: You can filter your list by entering a value in one of the filter fields:  Module (HR, BN, etc) Business Unit, Dept ID, or DeptID (like) (e.g. A53, A12, etc.).


  2. Click on the UW HR SOD Report.

  3. Click the 'Check to Claim' check box for the individual you want to review.  Your name will automatically appear in the 'Claimed by' section with the date and time noted.

  4. Click the hyperlink for UW_SOD_SRCH.

    HR SOD Image
  5. You will be taken to the Separation of Duties - Review and Approve page (UW Security Reports > SOD Review and Approve). This page will display all outstanding SOD reports, including all report types, not just the EMPLID you clicked on from the WED report.

    NOTE:  This purposely differs from all other WED reports, and is a security goal encouraging all SOD reports be worked expeditiously.

    Not signed
  6. You will be able to filter this page by the User you want to review (OPRID), Business Unit (BusUnit), Department (DeptID), or if the report has been signed (Signature). The filters are not preset.  After you set a filter, it will remain in effect until you change it or clear it, even if you navigate away from the page. Most users will find it beneficial to set Signature to 'Not Signed', to only show reports requiring your immediate attention.
  7. To review and/or sign a report, you must click the link for 'Review/Sign'. In this example, the administrator is reviewing a user's HR01 conflicts. 

           NOTE: You cannot review or correct your own entries. 
  8. After clicking 'Review/Sign', the detail for this report will be displayed. The user who made entries (OPRID) will be displayed at the top of the page. The employees the OPRID acted upon will be listed in the grid below. Review the entries for appropriateness.  Links to instructions for reviewing each report are listed below:
  9. Once all entries have been reviewed, sign the report by clicking the "Sign Report" button.

    Report details
  10. This brings up a dialog box (shown below) asking you to confirm your signature.

  11. Clicking either 'Yes' or 'No' will return you to the main screen. If you have clicked 'Yes', your OPRID now appears as a signature for this report. After a report has been signed, it can continue to be reviewed using the 'Review/Sign' link, but the signature button will no longer be visible.

    Your operator ID
  12. Review and Sign any other outstanding reports.
  13. Close the SOD Review and Approval tab to return to UW HR SOD Query page.
  14. Click the 'Completed' check box for any EMPLID you reviewed.  Your name will appear in the Completed by Section with the Date and Time noted. 

    Completed By Checkmark
  15. Click the Home link to return to the main WED page.

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