Creating Rules and Folders for Storing OIM Email in Office 365


Provides links for creating folders and rules in different versions of MS Office 365. OIM data custodians can use this KB to manage their incoming OIM email notifications.

Process Considerations:

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Instructions for Creating Folders

Following are a list of KB documents on how to create folders in Office 365 using different versions of Outlook:

It is suggested to add a folder on the same level as your inbox. This way one will be able to see if new emails have been delivered and automatically moved to the new folder via a rule (creating rules will be discussed later).

Under the OIM folder, it is suggested to create a similar folder structure as below. Feel free to create more or less folders or even sub-sub-folders as you wish. The below are just suggestions and you are not obligated what-so-ever to create them or use the same names.


It is suggested to manually move email from the OIM folder to the appropriate sub-folder once the email has been acted upon. If you feel comfortable with creating more complex email rules, you can move email directly into the sub-folders, however, there is the risk of not seeing new email that has arrived unless you remember to expand the top level (OIM in this example) folder.

The other option is to delete the OIM related email once it has been acted upon. The choice is yours.

Another good tip is to use favorites.  Favorites make it easy to see key folders and if there are new email in them:
Here's what it will look like:
Use the above links for your version of Outlook for more information concerning how to create and use Favorites.

Instructions for Creating Rules

When anything changes in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), an email is created. Unfortunately this means that OIM requesters and approvers will be getting a lot of email from OIM. Supervisors may or may not also receive the same emails the requesters and approvers are receiving (there are plans to turn-off email going to supervisors).

Here is a KB on how to create rules for automatically moving email in multiple versions of Microsoft Outlook:

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