Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g - Approving Entitlements for HRS

This document details the process of using the Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) to approve roles that provide access to information in the Human Resource System (HRS). For first-time users, this document also describes how to change your Inbox settings to show recommended columns for your approval display.

  1. Click here to log into OIM.

  2. On the OIM home page, click on the Inbox icon (displays as a clipboard with checkmark).

    Select the inbox

  3. First-time Users will need to edit Inbox settings to show recommended columns for the approval display.  Otherwise, go to Step 7.

  4. In the Inbox tab, click the Edit Inbox Settings icon (displays as pencil).

    Approval display set up

    1. In the Edit Inbox Settings pop-up window, Available Columns displays on the left and contains a list of headings from which to choose. The Selected Columns box on the right shows current column headings displayed for your Inbox. We recommend the Selected Columns contain the following column headings: Title, RequestTarget, Number, Creator, Assigned, RequesterDisplayName, RequestModel.

    2. Click on the desired column heading from the Available Columns box on the left, and then click the Move selected items to other list icon ButtonMoveselectedrightEditInboxSettings.png to move it over to the Selected Columns box on the right. To move all items from the Available Columns box to the Selected Columns box, click, the Move all items to other list icon ButtonMoveallitemsrightEditInboxSettings.png.

    3. To reorder the Selected Columns items, click on the column name and four navigational buttons become active for you to move items up and down, as desired.

    4. To remove a column heading, click on the item from the Selected Columns box on the right, then click the Remove selected items from list icon ButtonRemoveselecteditemsEditInboxSettings.png. The removed item will display in the Available Columns box on the left.

    5. When you are satisfied with the items in your Selected Columns, click OK.

    6. EditInboxSettings.png

  5. In the Home page, click on the Inbox to show your updated column headings. You will be taken back to the home page so you will need to navigate to the inbox once again (See Step 2). After you are back to the inbox you will see that the menu changes have been applied.

    Applied menu options

  6. In the Inbox, if the recommended column headings were selected in Step 4, you will see the request number, the role being requested, who the role is requested for, the creator of the request, date the request was assigned, and type of request. Note: Under the RequestModel column, a "Modify Account" signifies a row level change. In addition, under the RequestTarget column, you can hover over the role name to display its full name, if the view is obscured.

  7. If there is more than one request in the queue, you can select multiples by holding down Ctrl (control) and selecting the entitlements you would like to approve. I recommend doing this in the empty space next to the request number so you do not accidentally enter the request number link. If you would like to view more information for a specific request, click on the Request Title

    Selecting multiple requests to approve

    Note: If you click on a Request Title to open a tab with more information, it is possible to approve the request from within this tab. If you approve a request in this fashion, the request will still appear in your Inbox until you Refresh the page. The Refresh Icon can be found in the upper right hand corner of the Inbox Tab

    Refresh Icon on the Inbox Tab

  8. Now that we have the requests we want to approve highlighted, we will want to claim them. Since there can be multiple approvers all viewing the same requests at once, the claim feature allows you to take ownership for the requests you would like to approve. Highlight the requests you would like to take action on, click the Actions drop down menu and select Claim.

    Claiming requests

  9. After you claim multiple requests, the Enter Comments pop-up window displays. Entering comments is not required.  Click OK to continue. The message displays, "Your request was processed successfully".
  10. Note: When requests are claimed by you as an approver, the other approvers in your group cannot see these claimed requests. An approver has 6 days to approve a request.

  11. To approve your claimed requests, click on the Actions menu, and select the option to Approve.
  12. ActionsMenuwithApproveOption.png
  13. After you approve, the Enter Comments, pop-up window displays. Enter comments is not required. Click OK to continue. The message displays, "Your request was processed successfully".

  14. When the requests are processed successfully, they no longer display in your Inbox.  The requests have been completed.

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