Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g - Search for Other Users to View/Request Entitlements

This document details the process required to search for other users in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). This process is useful when attempting to view entitlements for another user or request/revoke entitlements on his/her behalf.

  1. Click here to log into the OIM homepage. 

  2. Click on the Users Icon.The Search Users page displays. There are a variety of search parameters from which to choose. Note: If you need to add a search field such as "HRS EmplID," click the Add Fields button, located on the right-hand portion of the Search Users page.

    OIM Users Icon

  3. Enter the desired search parameters and click Search. If found, a Search Results section displays users meeting your search criteria. Go to Step 4. If not found, the Search Results section displays the message, "No data to display."

    User Search Interface

  4. You can also search by emplid using Add Fields to the left of the search button. In the list select HRS Emplid and then press the Save button located next to Add Fields. After this is saved you can look up users using emplid.
    Add emplid field

  5. In the Search Results section, under the User Login column, click on the hyperlink of the desired user to view their account details.
  6. The User Details: [user name] displays for the selected user. Click on the Entitlements tab to view current entitlements.
  7. From the Entitlements tab, you can:

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