Running the Terminated Employee Report in HRS


The Terminated Employees Public PS Query report (UW_HR_TER_EMPL) lists all terminated employees within a specific date range. This query can be run on an ad hoc basis by UW Institutions. The intent of the report is to allow UW Institutions the proactive capability of determining if post termination actions are required. For example, retirement actions may need to be initiated.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.

  2. Enter the Query Name (UW_HR_TER_EMPL) in the begins with field


  3. Click on the Search button.

  4. Click on the Run to HTML link or the Run To Excel link.


  5. Enter the Business Unit, Department, Empl Class, From Date, To Date  prompt values Note: The '%' wildcard can be used for the Department and Empl Class prompts.

  6. Click View Results.


  7. Initiate proactive or correction activities for Job Data identified in the report if necessary.

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