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Employees who have previous WRS Service may be eligible to waive all or part of their waiting periods for specific benefits such as State Group Health, Income Continuation, and State Group Life. Employees who are rehired after retiring from a WRS participating employer may or may not be eligible for specific benefit plans based on a variety of factors. To determine if an employee has Previous WRS State or Local Service, HR Administrators and/or Benefit Administrators need to look up potential new hires and rehires in the Employee Trust Funds (ETF) One Net system.

Process Considerations:

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To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Look up an employee's Social Security Number in HRS by navigating to:  Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person

  2. search

  3. Note the employee's Social Security Number from the Biographical Details Tab.

  5. Open an Internet browser and type the following URL or click here to access the ETF One Net site: http://etfonline.wi.gov/etf/internet/employer/one.html and you will be brought to the following screen.

  6. Click the link for Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry

  7. /images/group426/41925/ETF_One_Net.png

  8. The following Login screen will be displayed.  Enter your User ID and Password and click the Login button to submit.  (Note:  If you are not authorized to access the ETF OneNet system, you will need to open a ticket with the UWSS Service Operations to make this inquiry on your behalf or you may contact ETF directly.)

  9. /images/group426/41925/ETF_One_Net_Login.png

  10. Select the radio button for State Employer and click the Submit button.

  11. /images/group426/41925/Employer_Verification.png

  12. You will be directed to the screen where you will enter the Social Security Number for the employee you wish to hire and click the Inquire button.

  13. Lookup SSN ETFOne

  14. If the employee exists in the ETF One Net system, the fields for Previous Service, Retirement Annuity Information, Lump Sum, and Credible Service sections will be filled in with the information needed to determine if the employee had Previous Service under Local or State employers, and/or if they qualify as a rehired annuitant.

  15. EE Info in ETFOne

  16. This information should then be entered on the hire row of the Benefits Tab of Job Data: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data. Example: If state service is longer than 12 months, enter 12 in Previous WRS State Service box. 0-12 represents months in WRS. If you do not have security to enter this information, please open a ticket and assign it to your AG Group at the UWSS Service Operations.

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