Restoration of Worker's Comp for University Staff in HRS


Temporary disability compensation can be added with accumulated leave credits, allowing employees to add their worker's compensation payment (approximately two-thirds of salary) with approximately one-third leave credits so they receive about their normal paycheck. The Worker's Comp Restoration process is used to add employee's temporary disability compensation to HRS so they can receive a paycheck close in earnings to their normal payroll check while on a medical leave of absence.

Process Considerations:

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Check the amount of hours and the hourly rate to be restored for the employee. When you are restoring leave for a current versus prior period you can adjust this by putting the take in, processing it (by clicking OK) then going back and using the below method. This way you will have history of the Worker's Compensation activity.

1. Go to the Absence Event screen and enter details for the employee as described in the process inputs.
  • Employee ID & Record Number: If you wish to generate a report for a particular employee, then you should use this option. If you do not know the employee ID, then you can search for it by clicking on the “9.2 Search icon” icon.
  • Name: If the Employee ID is unknown, you can also search with the First, Last, and Second name
Absence Event Search
2. The Claim letter has dates for the lost time and record of takes used within those dates.
Workers Comp Award Letter
3.  Void the absence takes to achieve the correct amount of hours to restore. 
Absence Event Entry Adjustments
4.  When you void the take, if it is a partial day take, be sure to zero out the regular hours on the timesheet if a schedule exists otherwise once time admin runs again, it will re-populate with the schedule. Do this by adding a row and put REG00 in the Time Reporting Code (TRC) and 0.00 in quantity. Note - If the entire day is entered as a take, you don't have to add a row. Click SUBMIT. This will prevent Time & Labor from supplementing regular hours for the difference.
Absence Event Timesheet
5.  If you are entering something other than quarter hour increments be sure to enter in Decimal 2 so it will process correctly.
Absence Event Input Detail
6. Enter the Worker's Comp (WKC) code equal to the amount of the restore value. Enter hours in Decimal 2 if hours are something other than a quarter hour. 

7.  After the nightly payroll calc, validate in Review Paycheck that a negative hours and salary is being processed to the check and that the WRS hours and WRS amount are appropriately affected.
8.  If the claimant is LWOP and no SL restore or money needs to be recouped, they only need to be made whole for WRS purposes.
  • The WC letter should state how many hours were LWOP and you would add the WKC code to process those hours stated in the letter.
  • You must process them when the employee is active and has dollars to support the WRS contribution.  The dates of the WKC take will still correspond with the dates on the letter. This maintains the effective while controlling the processing date.  You may also need to adjust the timesheet if exceptions occur.
9. If the claim is for a Monthly employee, the UWSC will complete the entry and restoration for you. 

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