Requesting a Sabbatical Repayment in HRS


When an employee has been on sabbatical leave and doesn't fulfill their contract to work the required amount of time, when they return from leave, the sabbatical needs to be repaid. This amount is calculated by UWSS Service Operations. This user procedure provides step by step instructions on how to request the amount owed for a sabbatical repayment.

Process Considerations:

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  1. When it's discovered that an employee won't fulfill the obligation of working the required amount of time after returning from a sabbatical you should send an email to your AG Team.
  2. Include the employee's name, Empl ID, and the time frame for the sabbatical repayment.
  3. The AG Team will set up a ticket and it will be forwarded to the Payroll team.
  4. A spreadsheet will be set up and calculations done to determine the repayment amount.
  5. Be aware that the employee will owe for net wages, prior year federal and state taxes and employer benefit portions.
  6. When done you will receive an email with the spreadsheet attached that will have the repayment details and amount.
  7. You can expect the turnaround process to take approximately one week.

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