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Processing the Missing or Incorrect Primary National ID/SSN WED Report in HRS


The UW_HR_MISSING_SSN is an error report created to find Defaulted Primary National ID errors. These errors appear in the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) notifying credentialed users of missing/incorrect employee data and the ability to fix them accordingly in an on-demand basis.

Primary National ID information is either missing or incorrect. Typically this occurs when no Social Security Number is entered at the time of hire and the system defaults the Social Security Number to all X's. A Social Security Number is required for all employees in the system - even Student Help or other non-benefit eligible employees. When we report W2 earnings, we are required to report those earnings with a valid SSN or valid reporting ID. All insurance vendors require a valid number when reporting for benefits. Please review appropriate documentation provided by the employee (Social Security Card, valid Work Visa or other I9 Identification, Benefits Enrollment Forms) to identify the correct data to enter into Modify a Person.

Process Considerations:

  • The WED is available for credentialed users ONLY and is based on current security roles.  Queries will be viewable only if they have the ability to fix them.
  • Any employee biographical changes requiring a new Social Security Card or updated information with the Social Security Administration requires documentation to be submitted to the central office HR department for update.
  • There may be soft warnings that will pop up after clicking Save.  Please click through these warnings to allow for the Save.
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  1. Log into HRS and WED Error Queries appear.  Error Queries appear based on your current security and if there are errors to fix.


  2. To filter the results of the Error Query list further, options appear below.


    Module = Cast net by specific functional group queries

    Priority = All queries by default are sorted High, Medium, Low

    Business Unit = filter by campus

    Dept ID = filter by specific Dept ID (must enter full alpha + six digit code)

    DeptID (like) = filter by a partial Dept ID to capture larger net at the division level or multiple departments.

  3. Click on UW_HR_Missing_SSN Error Query. This query is also accessible from the FLSA WorkCenter, found at Workforce Administration > Job Information > UW FLSA WorkCenter. For more information about the WorkCenter, see Setting Up a WorkCenter in HRS.

    • Note - there are additional filters available to narrow your list: Business Unit, DeptID (1), DeptID - Like (2), Show Claimed, Show Completed.
  4. Click the 'Check to Claim' check box, your name will appear in the Claimed by Section with the Date and Time noted.

  5. Click Link to PERSONAL_DATA_1

    HRS Missing SSN Error Summary

  6. Modify a Person page opens in a new window, where National ID is stored. The National ID fields are not effective dated. You need to add an additional row to add a National ID Type and number. Note: A National ID Type of Social Security Number is required by the system. If you are adding a UW Reporting ID, be sure not to overwrite this row - instead add a new row, choose the appropriate type, enter the number and mark it as the Primary ID and Save.

  7. Example 1: National ID Type of SSN with a value of all X's
    • Click + button to add a new National ID type = UW Reporting ID

      Workflow Redos

    • To create the UW Reporting ID, use a "000" + the last 6 digits of Empl_ID number 

    • Check the UW Reporting ID as Primary ID.

      Step6 Example

    • SAVE

  8. Example 2: UW Reporting ID or ITIN only with no Social Security Number.
    • Click + button to add a new National ID type = Social Security Number

    • Add X's in the following format:  XXX-XX-XXXX

      Step6 Example

    • SAVE

  9. Example 3: Primary ID check box is incorrect
    • Change the Primary ID by checking the box for UW Reporting ID type.  The Primary National ID must be numeric.

      Step6 Example

    • SAVE

  10. Upon successfully fixing and saving the change for the Employee, close the open window and return to the UW_HR_Missing_SSN Error Query page.

  11. Click the 'Completed' check box.  Your name will appear in the Completed by Section with the Date and Time noted.

  12. Click Home link to return to the main WED page OR

  13. Click Return to Dashboard link (available on every page) to return to the main WED page

  14. Upon successful completion of the Employee's error and nightly updates, the Employee will fall off the list.

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