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Running the Address Cleansing Exception Report in HRS


The purpose of the Address Cleansing Exception Report (UWHRR020) is to list all those employees that have been identified as having invalid Home or Mail addresses in HRS via the HRS Address Cleansing batch process and route the output to UW institutions via Cypress. The HRS Address Cleansing batch process is scheduled weekly on Friday evenings. The core HRS Address Cleansing procedures are provided by Runner Technology and maintained by DoIT. Source address data files are provided approximately every two months. It may take several months for source address files to reflect the most current addresses (ie. new housing developments).

Process Considerations:

  • There can be multiple errors for a single address.  However, only the first fault description encountered is displayed on the report.
  • Inactive employees that have not been paid in the current calendar year are excluded from the report.
  • Name, Address, Fault Description, and Email Address report fields are truncated to comply with Cypress formatting requirements.
  • All errors need to be corrected within the Modify a Person Component (Nav: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person > Contact Information).
  • Be mindful of any corrections that would affect Benefits.
  • Home address should not be set to a work address.
  • Employee’s Home Address is used for calendar year-end W2 Tax Reporting information (unless a Mail Address has been provided in which case that address is utilized)
  • Source address data files are provided by Runner Technology approximately every two months (Feb; Apr; Jun; Aug; Oct; Dec) and implemented by DoIT.
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Instructions for Working The Address Cleansing Exception Report:

  1. Access Cypress Human Resources Inbox.

  2. Open UWHRR020 Address Cleansing Exception Report.

  3. Save as Excel file to secured network directory (not your c:\drive).

    warning  Be mindful of where the Address Cleansing Exception Report is saved.  Always use a SECURED network directory.

  4. Sort file according to personal preferences.

  5. Don't hesitate to contact the employee for their correct Home Address information.  Their preferred email is listed on the report.

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    Additional Tips For Working The Address Cleansing Exception Report:

    1. W-4 or insurance application forms are good source documents for address validation.

    2. It may be necessary to contact the employee directly for the correct address verification (use the preferred email address from this report).

    3. Use to check the address to see if it is acceptable by the post office.

    4. In the Modify a Person Component (Nav: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person > Contact Information), Enter just the street name, city and state to research what building numbers are valid or if an apartment number is required and the accepted range.

    5. Use MapQuest or Google maps to see if there is such a street. The view of the building may tell you if a unit or apartment number is needed.

    6. Use street addresses not building names.

    7. If the address is on a highway, be mindful it could be a State Highway, US Highway or County Highway.

    8. Do not use abbreviations.

    9. Validate if direction is required (north, south, east or west) and if it should be at the beginning of the street name or at the end. In some cases there could be a street name with the directional as part of the name (eg. North Street).

    10. Foreign addresses will not be validated. However, make sure that the correct country code is listed for the address (don’t list USA as the country and enter a Spain address).

    11. As a last resort, White Pages on the web can be used. But remember that there could be many people with the same name living all over the United States, so it is no guarantee that you have the correct person that is your employee.

    12. If there is a street address and a post office box address, use the street address on Address Line 1, then the post office box on Address Line 2. You must use the zip code for the post office box in this case. If you have the zip code of the street address, then do not list the post office box address.

    13. Addresses with apartment numbers should be entered in the Address 1 field using the following format: Street Number & Name and then the apartment number (eg. 123 Main St Apt 321). 

    Sample Output

    Example of Address Cleanse Report

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