Running the Lost Leave Balance Report in HRS


This report identifies which employees have lost leave balances because of not utilizing them by their expiration. This report includes the following types of leaves and should be run for the following pay period/absence calendar.

  • University Staff (Run for the 1A period of any calendar year)
    • Vacation Carryover
    • Personal Holiday
    • Legal Holiday - This could be positive or negative depending if the ending balance was left to use or was overused.
  • FA/AS/LI (Run for 07A of any calendar year)
    • Vacation Carryover
    • Personal Holiday
    • Legal Holiday - This could be positive or negative depending if the ending balance was left to use or was overused.
    • Sick Leave Reduction can be seen after the process runs which is typically in August. So if you use this report to run SL Reduction use a calendar AFTER we run the process in August.
    • Sick leave reduction can be avoided by turning in all the missing leave reports for the last fiscal year before the September deadline (deadline will be communicated to the administrators). We also have a SL Reduction Report that can be used for that process.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to UW Absence Management Reports > Lost Leave Balance Report

  2. If you have never created a Run Control ID:

    • Click Add a New Value and enter a run control ID (this can be your initials, name, or any other identifier you choose) and click Add button.

    Add a New Value

    • If you have created a Run Control ID:
      • Either enter your Run Control ID and click Search OR
      • Click Search and select your Run Control ID

    Find an Existing Value

  3. Enter parameters for the Lost Leave Balance Report. Then click "RUN" to proceed.

    Report Request Parameters:

    • Department ID: Select this option if you want to run the report at the department level. If you do not know the department code, then you can search for it by clicking on the “9.2 search icon” icon.
    • Employee ID: If you wish to generate a report for a particular employee, then you should use this option. If you do not know the employee ID, then you can search for it by clicking on the “9.2 Search Icon” icon.
    • Calendar Group ID: The Calendar Group ID is used to specify the time frame for the report. The Calendar Group ID will generate a report for particular pay period. 
    • Employment Category – University Staff or FAASLI;  This gives you an option to search for a particular employment category of your choice. 
    • Leave Type: This option can be used to search selectively for a particular type of leave. Leaving this blank would run the report for all the leave types. Selecting a leave type  would filter out the results for all the other leave types from the final report. For e.g. if you want to run the report for the 'Sick Leave Reduction', click the “9.2 Search Icon” icon and select leave type '251216'. Running the report using this leave type will provide you the list of employees who have had sick leave reduction. 1 or more leave type combinations can also be used if desired.
    • Additional Excel Output: If you additionally want the report to be generated in an excel format, select the check-box for the same.


    • Department and EmplID searches are mutually exclusive, which means that you can either run the report for Department OR employee ID, but not both simultaneously.
    • Sick Leave Reduction: If an employee has transferred into a new department in the middle of the fiscal year, it is advised that an additional missing leave report should be run to ensure that the employee does not have any missing leave reports in the previous appointment. Failure to identify this will lead to a sick leave reduction. lost leave balance run control page
  4. On the Process Scheduler Request page, make sure the check box is selected. Then click OK. You will return back to the original screen.

    Process Scheduler Request

  5. Click on the Process Monitor link to view the status of your report. This directs you to the Process List screen.

    Process List

  6. On this screen, look for your process instance and click "Details" when Run Status reads "Success" and Distribution Status reads "Posted". Click the yellow Refresh button until it is successfully posted.

    Process List

  7. On Process Details screen, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink to check the output file.

    Process Detail

  8. Locate the File List and find the PDF and excel file to view the lost leave balance report.

    View Log Trace

  9. The following is a Blank sample of the PDF version of "Lost Leave Balance Report" for reference.

    Sample report

  10. The report generated can be printed, saved on a local computer, or it can also be retrieved from the HRS at a later time.

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