Running the Leave Balance Report in HRS


This report was formerly called the End of Year Report. It formerly only had select balances. This newly enhanced report displays more types of balances. It will display University Staff and FA/AS/LI employees who have positive remaining leave balances. ZERO balances do not display. Balances will include ALRA balance, ALRA counter balance, banked leave, comp time, comp time carryover, legal holiday balance, legal holiday earned - used balance, personal holiday, sick leave balance, vacation carryover, vacation balance, and earned-used vacation balance. This report can be used to identify employees who have balances that need to be used by the end of the calendar/fiscal year to avoid loss. This report is updated with each absence calculation. It uses balances displayed in Results by Calendar. These balances are displayed as of a point in time. Using the most recent pay period end date or the currently open calendar will give the most up to date balance.

Process Considerations:

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    1. Navigate to UW Absence Management Reports > Leave Balance Report

    2. If you have never created a Run Control ID:

      Click Add a New Value and enter a run control ID (this can be your initials, name, or any other identifier you choose) and click Add button.

      If you have created a Run Control ID:Enter your Run Control ID and click Search or Click Search and select your Run Control ID

      Run Control ID
    3. Enter parameters for the Leave Balance Report. There are 2 options to run the report: 
      Leave Balance

  Option 1: Using Department:

Option 2: Using Employee ID:

NOTES:  You can either run the report for Department OR Empl ID, but not both simultaneously.  You can either run the report for Department OR Empl ID, but not both simultaneously.  You can either run the report using Calendar Group ID OR End Date, but not both simultaneously.  This report can be run for finalized calendars or open calendars.   The data will refresh with each Calculation.

  1. Once the desired parameters have been entered, press the “Run” button.
  2. On the Process Scheduler Request page, make sure the check box is selected. Then hit OK. You will return back to the original screen.

    Process Scheduler Request OK button

  3. Hit Process Monitor to take you to the Process List page.

    Process Monitor
  4. Click on the yellow refresh button until it is successfully posted.  It is successfully posted when Run Status reads "Success" and Distribution Status reads "Posted".  Once successfully posted, click the Details link.Refresh button
  5. On Process Details screen, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink to check the output file.View Trace Log
  6. Locate the File List and find the Excel file to view the Leave Balance Report.File link
  7. The following is a Blank sample of the Excel version of "Leave Balance Report" for reference.Sample Report
  8. The report generated can be saved on a local computer or it can also be retrieved from HRS at a later time.

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