Glacier Account Requirements for Foreign Nationals on UW Payroll in HRS

This document addresses Frequently Asked Questions regarding Glacier Account Setup and Management for Foreign Nationals in a Paid Relationship with the University of Wisconsin.

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What is Glacier and how does it impact my department/division?

Glacier is online tax compliance software used by UWSS Service Operations to determine how to report and tax income paid to foreign nationals.  Once an individual's Glacier account is opened by UWSS Service Operations, they receive emailed instructions on how to enter their immigration information into Glacier and where to deliver the Glacier-generated reports, forms, and copies of their immigration documents.

Does individual need a Glacier Account?

All foreign nationals paid through the University of Wisconsin payroll system need a Glacier account.  Data values in Glacier impact how income paid to foreign nationals is reported and taxed. Glacier accounts are required for both nonresident aliens and resident aliens. Permanent U.S. residents (green card holders) may or may not receive a Glacier account depending on when their Permanent Resident information was entered into HRS. Permanent U.S. residents who receive a Glacier account will have minimal Glacier data entry requirements, after which time their account will be terminated.

How does a foreign national obtain a Glacier account?

Glacier accounts are created at least two times a week for individuals with both an active paid position and a visa type other than Permanent Resident. If the individual has a valid email address in HRS when the Glacier account is created, they will receive two emails; one from and one from Individuals who did not receive the expected emails should check their spam filter. If the emails are not there, they should contact the appropriate office as instructed at the bottom of this document.* 

How does a visa type get entered into HRS?

W4 Supplemental Sample

How can I determine whether a foreign national has a visa type in HRS?

Visa information may be viewed at the following path: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Citizenship > Identification Data > Visa/Permit Data. To request access to that view, please contact your supervisor to request the following role:  Visa View Only role. [View Only Access] This role will only be able to view citizenship/passport and visa/permit information.

How do I read the Glacier-related visa information listed in HRS?

    1. Example of Glacier account indicator in HRS but foreign national's action needed:The record below shows a dummy ‘FNL’ visa type was entered into HRS on 7/11/2016. Select “Include History” and review all rows. If there is only one row (as indicated by “1 of 1” in the example) and it shows a visa type of “FNL” it means the foreign national either:
      1. did not receive a Glacier account because they do not have a paid position in HRS
      2. did not complete their Glacier entry by the time the last Glacier/HRS data interface ran.  (The interface runs twice each pay period.  The first run begins the morning of the first preliminary calc, unless it's a non-business day, in which case it will be the morning of the prior business day. The second run begins after the payline deadline and is expected to finish by noon on the day of the FICA deadline.)

        Foreign National Image
    2. Example of indication that a foreign national has acted in Glacier:

When the Issuing Authority field lists either "Glacier Demographics Interface', ’Temporary Value’ or otherwise includes the word 'Glacier’ this indicates that the individual has entered their immigration information into Glacier and that it has been brought into HRS. However, the absence of this wording does not necessarily mean the individual has not entered some of their information into Glacier.

 Foreign National 2 Replace

How do I read the HRS visa page information populated through the HRS/Glacier interface?

What if there’s a visa type in HRS, but the individual did not receive a Glacier account?

Have the individual check their spam filter for emails from and If the individual is not able to locate these emails, they should contact the appropriate office as instructed at the bottom of this document.* 

What if the individual not receiving a Glacier account is a Permanent U.S. Resident?

If they became a Permanent U.S. Resident before hire, and their most recent effective-dated visa row lists the PR status, they will not have a Glacier account opened for them.  If they became a Permanent U.S. Resident AFTER hire, they should have received a UW-issued Glacier account on initial hire.

What if the foreign national has a Glacier account but can’t remember how to access it, or doesn’t remember their login and/or password?

They should go to: click ‘Login Now’and then click: ‘Forgot Login.’ When requested, they should enter the email address associated with their Glacier account. If they don’t know what that is, they should try each of their campus and personal email addresses. Once the correct email address is entered, Glacier will send login and password information from  If they need assistance, they should contact the appropriate office as instructed at the bottom of this document.*

What if the foreign national needs help answering the questions asked in Glacier?

They should contact Glacier’s support team at:

Are there ongoing Glacier account requirements?

After an employee, fellow, scholar or trainee (paid through UW-Payroll/HRS) has completed their initial Glacier account entry, they must keep it up-to-date. Information must be updated in the Glacier account and a new Tax Summary Report with supporting documents must be delivered every time any of the following conditions occur:


What must a foreign national do when their relationship with UW Payroll is ending, and they will not be enrolled or employed through end of NEXT calendar year?

*Where should the foreign national deliver Glacier materials and who should they contact if they have questions?

The appropriate contact information may not be listed correctly on the Glacier Tax Summary Report instructions page.  Instead, individuals should log onto with their UW credentials, then select the Foreign Nationals tab and select their institution in the box at the top left of the page. Where to submit documents and who to contact for help will be listed below the selected institution.