Running the Non-ACH Employee Report in HRS


The University of Wisconsin tries to enroll all employees into direct deposit or a pay card, and those who are receiving a physical check need to be followed up to try to enroll the employee into Direct Deposit. This procedure describes running the report to identify employees who do not have an active direct deposit or pay card account set up. This report is also delivered via Cypress after each payroll confirm.

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Roles that can access report:
  • PY Direct Deposit Update
  • PY Direct Deposit View Only


  1. Navigate to UW Payroll Reports > Non ACH Employees Report.

  2. Enter a value for the Run Control ID on the Find an Existing Value tab and click the Search button. Select the Run Control ID that you wish to use to run this report.

  3. Enter the Report Request Parameters.
    • The Payroll Cycle default value is set to Both, meaning the report will return results for employees who did not have direct deposit on the on-cycle Pay Run ID you specify on the run control as well as any non-ACH off-cycle payments attached to that Pay Run ID.  If you want to run the report only for on-cycle payments, click the On-Cycle radio button.  If you want to run the report for only off-cycle payments, click the Off-Cycle radio button.

  4. non_ACH run control

    1. If On-Cycle
      • Pay Run ID field: Enter Pay Run ID or click search.png icon. This field is required.

    2. If Off-Cycle
      • Company field: Enter Business Unit or click on the search.png icon. This field is required.
      • Pay Group field: Enter Pay Group or click search.png icon. This field is required.
      • Pay End Date field: Enter the end date.
      • Page # field: Enter what page you wish to start on.
      • Thru field: Enter the page you wish to end on.
    3. If Both
      • Pay Run ID field: Enter Pay Run ID or click search.png icon. This field is required.

  5. Click Run.

  6. Leave Type and Format as “Web” and “PDF” respectively. Click the OK button to run the report.

  7. non ACH process scheduler

  8. Click on the Process Monitor hyperlink to view the status of the report. See Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS for additional information if needed.

  9. Click on the PDF file under the File List header to view the report output.

  10. 9.2 non_ACH view trace log

  11. If prompted, click OK to open with Adobe Acrobat

  12. The report output will display like the image below, broken down by department.

  13. 9.2 non_ACH report

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