Manual Process for Security Provisioning Hiring Manager and TA Coordinators in TAM


A custom page was created to help expedite provisioning for Hiring Manager and TA Coordinator roles. This page allows manual provisioning for these security roles. It also allows for the de-provisioning for the Hiring Manager and TA Coordinator roles when they are no longer needed for an individual.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigation: Recruiting > Administration > Assign TAM Roles.
  2. Search to find the employee that needs to be provisioned.
  3. On the Assign TAM Roles page, verify it is the correct employee.
  4. Select the checkbox for the role to assign to this employee.
  5. Click Save when completed.
    This process is also used to remove a provisioned role from an employee. To do so de-select the checkbox on the Assign TAM Roles and Save.

    assign tam roles