Reprocessing the Open Enrollment (OE) Event in HRS


This document describes the steps a Benefit Administrator will use to reprocess OE events during the Annual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) period.

Process Considerations:

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1.  Navigate to: Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance.

2.  Enter the employee's Empl ID and click Search.

3.  Click the Event Status Update button.

 Event Status Update
4.  Find the OE Event in the table. Change the Process Indicator pull down value to Assign Benefit Program and the Event Status to Open.  Reprocessing the Event back to Assign Program will reset the OE Event, clearing any and all elections made against it.  The Benefit Administrator must counsel the employee that all elections must be entered again. 
OE 19
5.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click OK.

6.  On the On-Demand Event Maintenance screen, click the Reprocess button. 
7.  Once you receive the success message for reprocessing this Event, the employee can access the OE Event.

 /images/group61/shared/9.2_Warning_Sign.png    WARNING:  Using an ADM Event after an OE Event has been finalized can potentially cause issues with elections made via the OE Event.  Below is an example of how an ADM Event changing the employee's coverage from single to family can affect the results of the OE Event:

 Order Prepared
 Event  Status  Date Prepared
 BN Program
 Coverage Level
 Coverage Begin Date
 1  OE20  Finalized / Enrolled
 10/01/2019  U02  Dean Single
 2  ADM  Finalized / Enrolled
 10/18/2019  U02  Dean Family (birth)

In this example, the employee's OE Event was prepared with the current coverage level of Single Dean Health Plan.  The OE Event will prepare options for an employee based on the level of coverage in place at the time the OE Event was scheduled/prepared and NOT the date of the Event.  The employee has a child on 10/04/2019 and decides to change to Dean Family coverage as of the date of birth.  The Benefits Administrator enters an ADM Event and changes the coverage level to Dean Family.  The employee does not make any changes during the OE period.  When the OE Event finalizes, it reverts the employee back to Dean Single coverage.  To avoid this issue, the OE Event must be set back to Assign Benefit Program and the employee will have to manually re-enter their elections.

Below is an illustration of how an MSC Event can affect the results of the OE Event:

 Order Prepared
 Event Status Date Prepared
 BN Program
 Coverage Level
 Coverage Begin Date
 1  OE20  < > Finalized/Enrolled
 10/01/2019  G01 (Grad)
 2  MSC  Finalized Enrolled
 10/18/2019  U02 (AS/FA/LI)
 WRS  10/04/2019

In the example above, an Open Enrollment Event was created on 10/01/2019. At that time the employee was assigned to a Grad Benefit Program which was not eligible for the WRS and options prepared for that employee based on the Grad Benefit Program.  On 10/18/2019, the employee received an Academic Staff position and a Job row was added to change the Continuity Code to 03 (Ongoing) and the employee became eligible for the WRS as of 10/04/2019.  The MSC Event is finalized and the employee is assigned to the U02 Benefit Program on 10/04/2019. 

The employee (or the Benefit Administrator) uses the OE Event to change from Dean to Quartz single coverage as of January 1, 2020.  The Event is finalized and the employee is incorrectly put BACK into the G01 Grad Benefit Program effective January 1st and the employee will charged Grad rates for health insurance.  To avoid this issue, the OE Event must be reprocessed back to Assign Benefit Program to pick up the eligibility change from Grad to Academic Staff OR the Benefit Administrator must add an ADM Event effective 1/01/2020 and enroll the employee in Quartz single coverage.

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