Approving a Job Offer in TAM


This process outlines the steps necessary to approve a job offer in TAM.

Process Considerations:

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  1. HRS Navigation: Recruiting Pending Approvals. Use the Pending Approvals page to review and act on job offers that require approval.
  2. To review job offer components such as base salary, attachments, or to edit the job offer details, click the Subject - Offer Approval link to access the Prepare Job Offer page.
  3. After reviewing the job offer details, click the Approvals tab.
  4. Select either the Approve, Deny, or Pushback button for the job offer. 
    • If you do not approve of the offer, use the Deny button to reject the offer and enter comments into the Comments Text box, if applicable.  Denying will send an email notification to the primary Hiring Manager for that the job offer has been denied.
    • Use the Pushback button and enter comments into the Comments Text box, if applicable, to return the offer to the person who submitted it to you.
      NOTE: The first Approver will not have the Pushback option.
    • Use the Approve button to approve the job offer and route it to the next Approver, if any.  After the final approval, a notification email will be sent to the primary Hiring Manager and Recruiter to inform them of the approval.
    • To view job details from the Prepare Job Offer page (Offer Details or Approvals tab), click Return from the TAM tool bar.  This brings you to the Manage Applicant page where the Job Opening is listed.  Then you can click on the Job Opening title hyperlink.
9.2 approve job offer

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