Creating Applicant Checklists in HRS


A checklist helps you remember all the details that you need to get applicants through the recruiting and hire process. You can use standard predefined checklists, or you can create an individualized checklist for a particular applicant for whom you are processing recruitment activities.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to the Applicants, either through Search Job Opening or Search Applications. See KB Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM or Recruiting Home Page in TAM , for additional information.
  2. Click Other Actions > Applicant Actions > Manage Applicant Checklist, for the applicant for whom you want to create a checklist.

    add checklist
  3. Click the magnifying glass to locate and select a Checklist.
  4. Click the Briefing Status list and update the status to track individual checklist items.
  5. Click the Add Checklist Item button to add an item.
  6. Click the Garbage Can in any row you would like to remove.
  7. Use the Sequence field to control the order in which the items appear on the Checklist.
  8. Click Save to save your checklist.

    update checklist

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