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Routing Applicants, Responding to Routing, and Updating Overall Route Status in TAM


You can choose to route an applicant to another person or group of people for their review. This is often used to gain approvals for interviewing applicants (recommended). Routing an applicant sends a notification to the person whom you specify. It also changes the applicant's disposition to Route.

Once an applicant or applicants have been routed to individuals, an email is generated for each routed applicant to those listed on the routing page. To give feedback on the routed applicants, a user can click in the body of the email to access the routing page for that applicant.

Process Considerations:

  • Routing is the action of sending applicant information to recipients who are asked to provide input on the next step to take for the applicant (generally used by Recruiter, or TA Coordinator).
  • Responding to routing allows individuals to document the recommendation in TAM (generally used by committee members).
    • Once a recommendation has been entered by an individual, it can only be changed by that individual.
  • Once all the listed recipients have responded, an overall response can be submitted by one member of the search and screen committee, or human resources office, generally the Recruiter, TA Coordinator, or Hiring Manager.
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Instructions for Routing an Applicant

    1. Navigate to the Job Opening. Refer to KnowledgeBase Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM   or Recruiting Home Page in TAM , for additional information.
      • Recruiter roles can also access routing by searching applications, however routing as a group may not be available for all applicants due to their disposition (i.e. 130 Withdrawn Application, 110 Reject).
    2. Within the Applicants tab, click the Route icon for the applicant you will be routing.
      • To route multiple applicants at once, check the box next to the applicant's names, then use Group Action>Recruiting Actions>Route Applicant.
        Location of Route icon
    1. The Route Applicant page appears.  Enter information in the following fields:
      • Routing Status: Skip when setting up a route. Used to create one overall routing status after all the route responses have been received. 01C No Response is the defaulted value.
      • Reason: This field is blank and remains blank.
      • Routing Date: The date this was assigned will default but can be changed if applicable.
      • Name: Add the individual(s) to whom this should be routed. Use the search icon if additional search options are necessary.
      • Response Due Date: The due date assigned to respond to the routed message.
      • Add Recipient: Add additional recipients for the route message. The recipient selected must have a role within TAM that allows them access to job openings and applicant data. Otherwise, they will not be able to view the Applicant's information.  If the recipient does not have an existing role within TAM, then add them to the Assignments Page for the Job Opening as an Interested Party.  The provisioning process must then run before the recipient will have access. (Provisioning process runs 5 times per day; 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., and approximately 8:10 p.m.)
      • Add Hiring Team: Click the button to add all of the hiring team members as routing recipients.  Visible only if the routing request is for a single job opening.
      • Include Attachments: Use this option to select which application attachments to include in the message. 
      • Preview Notification: Preview the route message.
      • Consolidate All Applicants in One Email: Check box only appears if multiple applicants were selected at once using the Group Action. Select this check box to send a single email to each recipient. That email will list all of the applicants who are being routed. If the check box is not selected, the recipient receives a separate email notification for each applicant in the routing.
      • Notify me when a Recipient responds: Leave this checked if the person setting up the routing wants to be notified when other recipients respond to the routed message.
        Route Applicant page
  1. When finished with the route message click Submit. This will send an email to all recipients identified.
  2. A confirmation page will appear. Click OK.
    Submit confirmation message

Adding Routing Recipients

To add routing recipients after the original routing has been completed

  1. Within the Applicants tab, click the Route icon for the applicant.
  2. On the Manage Routings Page, click the Edit Routing pencil

    Location of Edit Routing icon
  3. Complete steps 3 and 4 from above
    Note: From the Applicants to Route page you can also update responses for individuals who were unable to make their own updates in the system.

    Additional Recipient Added

Responding to Routed Applicant

  1. An email is generated to those whose names were listed on the Route Applicants page.
  2. Access the email and click on the Route Response link within the email to pull up the Route Applicant's page in TAM. The email also includes any attachments selected by the person sending the route.

    Email to recipient
  3. Log into TAM using your campus credentials.
  4. The Routing Response page appears, select the applicant to submit your recommendation.

    Page for selecting routing response
  5. Choose your Recommendation for this applicant from the drop-down list.  Enter any Comments. Note: The applicant's attachments can be reviewed from this page.
  6. After completing the response, click the Submit button.
    Location of Submit button

Updating Overall Route Status

  1. Within the Applicants tab, click the Route icon for the applicant you will be indicating the overall route status.
  2. Select the appropriate value from the Route Status field.
    : The Reason field is not used.
  3. Click the Save button.

    Updating Overall Route Status
  4. After saving the response, the Route Status will be updated in the Routed Summary section.
    routed summary

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