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Scheduling an Applicant Interview in TAM


Interviews can be scheduled at any time in the recruiting process. The interviewer(s), interview date and time, interview type and interview location must be identified when scheduling an applicant interview.
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  1. Navigate to the list of applicants, either through Search Job Opening or Search Applications. See KB Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM or Recruiting Home Page in TAM, for additional information.
  2. To schedule interviews with multiple applicants, select each applicant by checking the box next to their name, then go to: Group Actions > Recruiting Actions > Manage Interviews.

    Group Actions Image
  3. To schedule interviews for a single applicant, click the Interview icon.

    Interview image
    • The Interview Schedule page always shows interviews for a single job opening, but depending on how you access the Interview Schedule page, it can show schedules for one applicant or multiple applicants. The page includes a collapsible section for each included applicant, even if there is only one.
  4. Enter the Date, Start Time, End Time and Time Zone.
  5. If necessary, update the next section which includes Interview Type (Offsite, Offsite 2, Onsite, Onsite 2, Onsite 3, Telephone, Telephone 2) and Applicant Response (Accepted, Declined, None and Tentative).
  6. Send notifications to the Interview Team and Applicant by checking the boxes.
    • Notify Interview Team will send an email to each interviewer when the interview schedule is saved and submitted.
    • Notify Applicant will send an email to the applicant when the interview schedule is saved and submitted.
  7. The Interviewers section includes the interviewers from the job opening hiring team. Add or remove interviewers as needed.
    • Click the Add Interviewer button to add individuals to the interview.
    • If an interviewer should not be notified, uncheck the individuals 'Notify' box.
    • Clicking the clock icon in the Availability column will show the interviewers' schedule of interviews that are already scheduled for them in TAM.

  8. If desired, enter the Venue Information and Interview Materials.

    Venue Information
  9. To create Letters, you must first Save the interview schedule as a Draft. To enable the Generate Letter button, choose a Letter from the drop down.
  10. Click Add Interview if needing to set up an additional interview for this applicant.
  11. When finished, click Submit. Otherwise, if you need to come back and update the interview information, click Save as Draft.

    Interview Materials

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