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Approving Job Opening(s) in TAM


Automated workflows are generated when Job Openings are saved and submitted. Approvers can approve, deny or push-back the Job Opening during the approval process. Additionally, approvers can provide comments and TAM will record a time stamp (date/time) of the approver's activity.

Process Considerations:

  •  The approval process is initiated when a user completes the Job Opening and clicks the Save & Submit button. TAM sets the job opening status to Pending Approval.
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Instructions for Accessing and Updating Jobs

  1. Navigate to the Job Opening through Recruiting > Pending Approvals, Search Job Opening. See KB Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM  or Recruiting Home Page in TAM , for additional information.
  2. Review information in the newly created job opening using the tabs within the job opening pages. For more information see KB Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM.
  3.  If changes are required, make the changes and click the Save button.

Approving the Job Opening

  1. After reviewing the job opening, click on the Approvals link.

    Image of approve opening approvals
  2. Enter comments into the Comments Text field, if needed.
  3. If necessary, add additional approvers by clicking on the green (+) sign. Refer to Adding Approvers and Reviewers to Job Openings and Job Offers in TAM  for additional information.
  4. Select the button to Approve, Deny or Pushback the job opening. If you are the first approver, you will not have a push back option.
    • Approve - Click this button to approve the job opening. Approval routes it to the next approver or, if all approvals are complete, sets the job opening status to Open.
    • Deny - Click this button to deny the job opening. This will create an email notice indicating that the Job Opening has been denied. This email will be sent directly to the Primary Hiring Manager listed on the Job Opening
    • Pushback - Click this button to notify (via email) the previous approver that the job opening has been pushed back and needs attention. The first approver will not see this option. Image of approve opening with pushback
  5. Once Approve has been selected, a green check mark will appear under that individual's name, the next approver box changes from "Not Routed" to "Pending" and an email will be sent to them.
    : All approvers must complete the same process before the job opening will be completely approved. Image of approve opening final
  6. When the final approval is reached, the system changes the job opening status from "Pending Approval" to "Open," and a confirmation email will be sent to all approvers. 2022-01-18JobOpeninghasbeenApproved
  7. The job will be posted, after the hourly batch job runs at 15 minutes past every hour, to the appropriate sites based on the criteria set up in the Job Postings section.

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