Vacation Carryover Restriction/Exceptions (Payroll Coordinators) in HRS


Per UW policy, if vacation is not used within the year it is earned, it may be carried over into the following year. If vacation is not used by the end of the carryover period, it will be lost. This is automatic and no action is necessary.

If the vacation carryover is to be restricted for an individual employee or a group of employees, a WiscIT needs to be opened and assigned to the UWSS Service Operations. The WiscIT should include information such as employee name, employee ID number, and the amount of hours or duration of the restriction.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Prepare a list of employees whose vacation carryover is to be restricted.
  2. Open a WiscIT to the UWSS Service Operations Absence Management Team requesting the restriction and attach the list of employees to the WiscIT.
  3. The UWSS Service Operations will process the exceptions on your behalf.

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