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Entering Craft Worker Vacation Elections in HRS


This process allows University Staff Craft Workers (Empl_Class CP) to manually elect, with a corresponding adjustment to their hourly rate, an increased vacation allocation of either 140 hours (17.5 days), or 180 (22.5 days). A Craft Worker makes this election upon hire and prior to January 1 of each calendar year. This will affect the employee's Income Continuation Insurance and amount of State Group Life Insurance, the final average earnings for computing Retirement benefits, and also the value of the Sick Leave Account upon retirement. Crafts Workers are skilled journey persons in the building trades.

Process Considerations:

  • This form is provided to each eligible employee when initially hired and at the end of each calendar year.  After the rate has been changed, it will adjust the gross pay and vacation allocation automatically as of the effective date of the rate change.  This may be mid-pay period.
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  1. For the annual vacation election process, campus HR units that employ Craft Workers will send a notice to their employees reminding them of the upcoming annual vacation election.

  2. The units will then provide each eligible employee with an individual vacation election form for the next calendar year.

  3. Once filled out by the employee, the form must be returned back to the unit office.

  4. The unit office determines the appropriate rate based on the vacation allocation and updates the employee's compensation rate,  if needed.

  5. To update the rate, navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  6. Enter the Employee ID and the Employee Record Number next to the appropriate field and click Search.

  7. On the Work Location tab, click on the + toward the top right corner to Add a Row.

    Image of work location tab
  8. Change the Effective Date to January 1.

  9. Change the Action to Pay Rate Change.

  10. Change the Reason to Prevailing Rate Setting.

  11. Click on the Compensation Tab towards the top right corner.

    Image of compensation tab

  12. Click on the Amounts tab under the Payment Components section of the screen, if it is not already displayed.

  13. Change the Comp Rate.

  14. Click the Calculate Compensation button.

  15. Click Save.

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