Updating the HR Primary Indicator in HRS


Employees can hold multiple jobs concurrently. Employees may have only one primary job at one time. In cases where the Employee's Primary employee record has been terminated, another employee record must be designated as the Primary employee record. This document reviews how to update the HR Job Indicator.

Process Considerations:

 If multiple jobs with Empl Class of  FA (Faculty) where one or more are for Summer (Pay Basis = "V" Summer Service or "S" Summer Session) and one is Academic Year (Pay Basis = "C" Academic), the Academic Year job is Primary, else
 2. Pay Basis is not equal to "N" (i.e. paid position/job)
 3. If more than one Job exists with Pay Basis not equal to "N," or all Jobs have a Pay Basis = "N," choose the Job with largest FTE.
 4. If there is more than 1 job with the same "largest" FTE, assign the Primary Job based on the following order of priority in Empl Class:
1) LI
2) FA
3) AS
4) CP
5) CJ
6) ET
7) SA
8) CL
9) OT
  10) SH
 5.If more than 1 job exists with the same FTE and Empl Class, assign Primary Job based on the earliest Job Start Date among these jobs (most current Hire, Rehire, Transfer effective date for each Empl Record, unless Hire Reason = 999 with a Conversion Date Effective as of 2/10/11, then check the Original Start Date on the Employment Data hyperlink OR Rehire Reason = 070 Rescind Term, or 072 Terminated in Error, ignore that effective date and look for the previous Action of Hire, Rehire, Transfer)
 6.If more than 1 job exists with the same FTE, Empl Class and Job Start Date, assign the Primary Job based on lowest Empl_ Record.

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Navigation: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data
  1. Enter Name or Empl ID of Employee.
  2. Click Searchbutton.
  3. Two or more Empl Recordsappear for Employee. Select the record that needs to be changed.
  4. Click the plus signto add a new row.
  5. Enter the Effective Dateof the change.
  6. Change the Effective Sequencenumber if needed.
  7. Set the Action drop-down menu to Data Change.
  8. Set the Reason drop-down menu to Change Job Indicator.
  9. Set the Job Indicator drop-down menu to either Primary Job or Secondary Job.
  10. You may receive a soft warning message if the employee that you are updating already has a Primary Job. Click OK.

  11. Click Save

    work Location Tab 17818
  12. Repeat these steps to update any additional Job Records that need to be modified.

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