Updating a Pushed Back Absence Request FA/AS/LI and University Staff Elapsed (Employee) in HRS


This procedure explains how to update a pushed back absence. When a supervisor or manager pushes an absence back to an employee, the employee can make corrections to the absence and then resubmit it.

Process Considerations:

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Before using this guide, an employee should know the following: Campus login ID and password for My UW System Portal

1. Log in to the My UW System portal at https://my.wisconsin.edu/. Note: UW-Madison employees can optionally log in to the My UW-Madison portal instead of UW System Administration. For more information on logging into the My UW System portal, please see Logging into the My.Wisconsin.edu / My.Wisc.edu System Portal.

2. Locate the Time and Absence module and click the Enter Absence link.
  Enter Absence
3. You will be taken to the Request Absence page. Click on the View Absence Request History link located near the bottom of the page. Identify the transaction that was pushed back. 
View Absence Request History
4. Using the Main Menu across the top of the page, Navigate to Self-Service > Time Reporting > View Time > Absence Request History. 

5. The Absence Request History page will appear with all of the absences that you have saved or submitted within a time range. Click the Edit button to edit the "Push Back" absence request.

*Note: Absence Requests made by the employee with a Status of "Push Back", "Saved", "Denied", or "Canceled" can generally be edited and resubmitted.
6. The Request Absence page will load with all the information for the absence filled in. You can make corrections to the request based on any notes in the Approver Comments field. Optionally, you can also leave a message using the Requestor Comments box. Click the Submit button when you are done making corrections.
7.  You will see the Submit Confirmation page. Click OK to continue.
8. On the Request Details page you should ensure that the request has been submitted and has a status of Pending instead of Push Back. You have successfully re-submitted your absence request.

*Note: You can see the complete Request History of an absence from this page including what actions were taken, the date they were taken on, by whom, and any comments that were left.

Cancel / Edit an Absence

Warning  Note: You will not be able to cancel or edit absences when payroll is being confirmed.  If you believe you should be able to edit or cancel and are unable to do so, please check back later.

1. Log in to the My UW System portal.  For more information on logging into the My UW System portal, please see UWSC Support - Logging in to the My.Wisconsin.edu/My.Wisc.edu System Portal.  Note: UW-Madison employees will log onto the My UW-Madison portal instead.

2. Click the Time and Absence tile, then click the Edit/Cancel Absence button.


3. Click the Cancel button for the absence you wish to cancel.

Cancelabsences1 Replaced

4. The cancel absence window opens.  Click the Cancel Absence button.


5. Click Yes to confirm the cancel.

6. Click OK.  The request details screen appears.

7. Click Absence Request History to cancel or edit another absence request, or click Sign Out if you are finished.

Edit an Absence

8. Select the absence request that you want to edit by clicking on the Edit button next to that absence.  This opens the Absence Details page.  Note: The edit button only becomes active for an absence that you have submitted and canceled through self-service.

Editabsence1 Replaced

9. Make the changes to the absence: Absence Name, End Date or Hours Per Day.  Click the Calculate End Date or Duration button if necessary.


10. Click the Submit button.

11. Click the Yes button to confirm the submission of the absence request.

12. Click OK.  The Request details screen appears

13. Click Absence Request History to cancel or edit an absence request, or click Sign Out if you are finished.

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