Process Payouts and Paybacks upon Termination or Transfer in HRS


This procedure will describe the general steps for entering a payout or a payback of a leave type through the UWS Absences page for employees. These procedures could also be used to recoup overused "allocated" balances which you will receive on the report called Negative Allocated Balances (KB Running the Negative Allocated Balance Report in HRS )

Process Considerations:

/images/group61/shared/9.2_Warning_Sign.png  When employees owe the UW more than their last paycheck can support:
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1. Terminate the person in JOB, for more information about terminating a person see: Adding Termination Rows on JOB Data in HRS . Wait for Absence Calc.

2. Make sure all leave reports are entered.

3. Navigate to Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > UWS Absences.

4. Enter the EMPLID of the employee that was terminated in the EMPLID field and click the Get Employees button.
Get the Employees
5. Click the check box next to the name of the desired employee and click the Absence Balance button.
Number 2
6. Determine the balances that need a payout or payback by reviewing the current balances. For more information about how to review absence balances see Reviewing Absence Balances in HRS .
Absence Balance page with a positive Vacation Absence Type
View Absence Balances 5
Note: At this point, it would be advisable to enter the employee's regular time on the timesheet first and submit the time. Once the time is submitted, then you can add the payout or payback in the Absence Request page. Otherwise, the payout/payback take will replace scheduled hours for that day. Alternatively, you can enter the payout/payback take on an unscheduled day. It will be accepted on any day of the pay period. Use caution if using leave time after the payout date. 

7. Return to the UWS Absences Page and click the checkbox next to the employee's name again and click on the the Request Absence button.
Number 3 Pic
8. Scroll to the right and hit the "+" button to add a row. Enter the term date in the Event From Date field. The Thru Date will auto populate.

Note: Be sure to use a date prior to the effective date in JOB. The employee is inactive as of the effective date in JOB.  It must be dated while the employee is active in payroll. It is recommended that these takes be entered after time is submitted on the timesheet. Otherwise this take replaces scheduled hours for that day. The alternative would be to enter the take on a NON-scheduled day.   This is not a consideration for employees with a zero schedule.  If term pay is entered prior to the last work day it will affect usage if that leave time is taken after the payout effective date.
UWS Absence Event
9. Select the correct Absence Take. You should double check the balance vs. the absence take—a positive balance requires a payout and a negative balance requires a payback. Be careful in  selecting the correct take because an incorrect take selection may still say "approved" but the payout/payback will not actually process. If you are unsure if you should setup a payout or payback, you may enter one of each. Only the correct one will process through to the paycheck. The incorrect one will not process.  Be sure if you enter a payback there are enough dollars to support the take.

NOTE: Do NOT enter hours in the payout/payback field.  HRS will automatically calculate this for you after the final payroll hours are calculated. Only enter hours in this field if you wish to “override” the calculated payout amount.  /images/group61/shared/9.2_Warning_Sign.png  Absence Event page with an Absence Type of Vacation selected since it has a negative balance and requires Payback

10.  Click OK to create and approve the payout or payback.

Validating How Much Should be Paid Out

To validate how much HRS calculated should be paid out, you can use Results by Calendar after the absence calc:

1. Go to Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Absence and Payroll Processing > Review Absence/Payroll Info > Results by Calendar and click in Absence Data
2. If you see the take with a Day Count (paid), it should process. If the Day Count is missing, it likely will not process.
Result Abs Data
  3. For FA/AS/LI employees, you may use the Absence Data as you would above to validate processing, but also you can also use the Generated Positive Input. Click on the Generated Positive Input link on the Results by Calendar page.

Results by Calendar Number 3

4. Click on Other Data.

Gen Data 2
5. Verify the amount of the payout based on forecast of paid hours/days.
Gen Data 3

  /images/group61/shared/9.2_Warning_Sign.png  If Payout/Payback Does Not Process with the Final Check:
  • If the payout does not process with the final check and you need to process after the employee has terminated, you will follow the same procedure as above making sure to effective date the payout/payback take prior to the employee becoming inactive in payroll and send a request to UWSS Service Operations to add a payline for the terminated employee. This would be true of an employee that does not return from an LOA and is simply terminated. You would need to process the payout back to a point in time when they were active such as the last pay period in which they were paid.
  • If the payback does not process with the final check you will need it initiate a check correction with UWSS Service Operations for last paid paycheck. This would be true for an employee who does not return from an LOA as well.

Absence Event page with an Absence Type of Vacation selected since it has a negative balance and requires Payback

UWS Payback

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