Running the Audit Report in HRS


This procedure will walk you through how to run the Absence Management Audit Report and the different outputs of this report. This report is intended to identify situations that may require a review of absence data and potential payout/payback of absence balances and/or absence balance adjustments.

Process Considerations:

The Absence Management Audit Report (AM Audit Report) identifies 3 scenarios that will occur in HRS and may need review or updates to Absence data based on the scenario.

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Instructions for Running the Report

This report will be distributed weekly via Cypress, but can also be run ad hoc as follows.
  1. Navigate to UW Absence Management Reports > AM Audit Report
  2. If you have never created a run control:
    • Click “Add a New Value” tab and enter a Run Control ID (this can be your initials, or name, or any identifier you choose) and click on Add. 
      Add New Run Control ID
  3. If you have created a run control:
    • Either enter your Run Control ID and click Search OR click Search and choose your Run Control ID.

      Find Existing Run Control ID
  4. Enter From Date and To Date – these dates represent the dates of entry of the changes (vs. the effective dates of the changes). Each week the report will be run and distributed for entry done in the prior week.
  5. Type Dept ID in Dept ID field (Leave blank for all departments)
    • NOTE: If you wish to search on Unit/Division/Department/or Sub Dept., you can use a % sign at any level. i.e. C% for whole campus or A06% for all of DoIT. You cannot select A06 from the drop down and get all of that Division without the % after it.
  6. Select one or more of the reports to run: Concurrent Job Report, Break-In-Service or Empl Class Eligibility Report.  Generally all of the reports are selected and run together.
  7. Click on the Run button, which will take you to the Process Scheduler Request Page, with the AM Audit Rpt process selected. 

    Existing Run Control ID Results

    Process Scheduler
  8. Once back to the Run Control page, click the Process Monitor link to check the status of the job.

    Process Monitor Link
  9. Click on Refresh periodically until the Run Status is Success and the Distribution Status is Posted, click the Details link for the Process Name "UWAMR004". The Process Details page will display.

    Process Monitor Link Results
  10. Click on the View Log/Trace link, which will display the output files produced by this job.

    View Log Trace Link
  11. Select the .PDF file to view the employees who has potential changes of the data which impact absence balances.

    PDF File Selection

Reading the Report Output:

Employees with concurrent jobs in different Absence Eligibility groups:

  • If you have employees in this section, you may want to monitor their leave on each job to ensure that the employee isn't over allocated. If you do see issues with the employee's allocations, please contact UW Shared Services - Service Operations.
  • The employees will appear in this section as long as they are active in the concurrent jobs.

    employee report

Employees that have transferred between different Absence Eligibility groups:

  • If you have an employee switching between being paid monthly and bi-weekly, please be sure that any balance transfers have been requested as appropriate. Please see the below table to determine if an absence balance transfer request is needed.
 From  To  Action Required?
 FA/AS/LI Monthly A-Basis (UWS_U_A)  UWS_U_C  Payout Vacation, Legal Holiday and Personal Holiday balances.
 FA/AS/LI Monthly C-Basis (UWS_U_C)  UWS_U_A  None.
 Anything other than UWS_U_A, UWS_A_C or UWS_NONE  Request balance transfers from Service Operations.
 Anything other than UWS_NONE  UWS_NONE  Payout all eligible leave balances.
 FA/AS/LI Bi-weekly A-Basis (UWS_U_B_A)  UWS_U_B_C  Payout Vacation, Legal Holiday and Personal Holiday balances.
 FA/AS/LI Bi-weekly C-Basis (UWS_U_B_C)  UWS_U_B_A  None.
 Anything other than UWS_U_B_A, UWS_U_B_C or UWS_NONE  Request balance transfers from Service Operations.
 University Staff
 Anything other than UWS_NONE  Request balance transfers from Service Operations.

Employees that are rehired with a break in service of greater than 3 days:

  • If you have employees listed in this section, you will want to review any balances that remained on their previous position and request balance adjustments if necessary. 
    employee report

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