Running the UW Probation Report in HRS


The UWHRR012 process creates the UW Probation Report for University Staff employees with probation ending in the month after the as-of date and three months after the as-of date, by department.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigation:  In HRS, UW HR Reports > Probation Report
  2. Enter or create a Run Control ID. See Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS.
  3. Enter appropriate input parameters on the run control page.  To choose a subset of all Departments, enter all or part of the Department followed by %, ex: B48%.

    • As of Date.
    • Department.
    Probation Report Run Control Image
  4. Click on the Run button.

  5. Click the OK button.

  6. Click the Process Monitor link and Refresh until a Run Status = Success and Distribution Status = Posted. See Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS.

  7. Click Details, then View Trace/Log.

  8. Click the UWHRR012_xxxxx.PDF (where xxxxx equals the Process Instance Number) link to display the UW Probation Report.

  9. View report details.
    Sample Report

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