Running the Primary Job Audit Report in HRS


The Primary Job Audit Report (PER058) is a PeopleSoft delivered report that checks for discrepancies in the primary job designation for workers with multiple jobs. Possible discrepancies include Multiple Primary Jobs, Terminated Primary Jobs, or No Primary Job.

Process Considerations:

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1. Follow navigation path: Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > Primary Job Audit.

2. Enter or create a Run Control. See Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS 

3. Enter appropriate input parameters on the Run Control page:

  • Organizational Relationship: leave blank
  • Department: enter specific Department number or partial with % wildcard (recommended to run one department at a time  - could run to Error if results are too large)
  • Job Code: enter specific Job Code or leave blank to include all
  • Empl Class: to select specific/multiple Employee Classifications, uncheck the All Values box and click the Employee Class Pushbutton. Check the boxes next to the Empl Classes desired. Press 'OK'
4. Once the search parameters are entered, click Run
Primary Job Audit Replace
5. Leave Type and Format as "Web" and "PDF" respectively. Click OK to run the report
Process Scheduler
6. Use the Process Monitor and View Log/Trace to monitor report. See Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS 

7. In the View Log/Trace window, click the PDF file
View Log/Trace

Reviewing Report Results

1. The PDF report lists employees with multiple jobs and discrepancies in their primary job designation; fields on the report include:

  • Empl ID
  • Employee Name
  • As Of Date
  • Indicator
  • Status
  • Empl Class
  • Pay Basis
  • WRS Eligibility
  • FTE
  • Job Effdt
  • Empl Rcd
  • Business Unit
  • Job Code
  • Job Code Description
  • Dept ID
  • Department Description
Results Example
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Updating the Job Indicator

1. Employees listed on this report should have their Job Indicators validated and corrected if necessary; to update the Job Indicator, reference Updating the HR Primary Indicator in HRS

2. The Primary Job Indicator should not be confused with the Benefit Primary Job and will not drive Benefits. For more information on Benefits Primary Job, reference Rebuilding Benefits Primary Job Flags in HRS

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