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Add a Person Job Aid for HRS


This document explains the fields within the Add a Person link of HRS.

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Biographical Details tab

biographical details

Required Fields Comments
Effective Date (top one on the page in the Name section) It should be the current date or the start date of the job, whichever is earlier. This is the date this person is added into HRS. It does not have to match the hire date, which may be later. A  date in the future cannot be used when  adding a person; a future date CAN be used for the hire date however.
Display Name (Add Name or View Name link) Enter person's name.
  • Enter the middle name or initial if known
  • Prefix (Dr., Ms.) and Suffix are optional (Jr.)
  • Click Refresh Name when done
Date of Birth Benefits will use the Date of Birth to determine rates for various insurance programs. Be sure to complete this field! If it is not known, it can be entered later - but it must be added.
Gender Gender is a required field; if not known, Unknown is acceptable.
National ID Social Security Number (SSN) is the default for National ID Type (NID). There are several other options that may be chosen if needed, and then enter the number in the National ID field. The Primary ID box should also be checked.

Note: If the NID/SSN is not known when initially adding a person, just leave the field blank. If SSN is not entered, when it saves the record it will default XXX-XX-XXXX into this field and can be updated later. The best practice is to enter this whenever it is known.
Other Fields Comments
Format Type Defaults to English
Birth Country Not required/used
Birth State Not required/not used
Birth Location Not required/used
Waive Data Protection This is not being used; there's another field to Release Home Information.
Effective Date (lower one in Biographical History section) Not required for initial hire.
*Highest Education Level Sometimes required fields - with the asterisk - may have default values that don't require a change, for example, this field may be left with the default data. UWSA is NOT using this field for tracking degrees; that occurs in a different area of HRS (used primarily for faculty).
Marital Status Enter Marital Status if  known. The Benefits module also has marital status fields; data flows both ways.
Language Code Not required/used
Alternate ID Not required/used
Foreign Nationals Comments
Notes about NID type for Foreign Nationals Employees who are international students receiving a stipend are not eligible for a SSN, so they must use an ITIN. If an employee who meets this definition currently has an ITIN, then let National ID Type default to SSN and save the record. The National ID number will default to XXX-XX-XXXX. Next, add a new row and enter National ID Type of "Individual Tax ID Number" and associated number. Check the "Primary ID" box associated with "Individual Tax ID Number."

If the employee currently does not have either a SSN or ITIN (e.g., foreign national without prior USA work experience), then let National ID Type default to SSN and save the record. The National ID number will default to XXX-XX-XXXX. Next, add a new row and enter National ID Type of "UW Reporting ID" and a National ID number that is equal to 000 + last six digits of EmplD. Check the Primary ID box associated with UW Reporting ID.

For a foreign national working outside of the USA, leave the National ID Type blank and let it default to XXX-XX-XXXX. No additional information is needed. 
Address Details If  entering data for a foreign national who has not yet arrived in the USA to begin work, the country must be changed. A foreign national working outside of the USA (and a foreign-national employee who has not yet arrived in the USA to begin work) will have a foreign address as a home/tax address. For a foreign address, select the country and click Add Address. The entry screen will be formatted to the country's address fields. Also note that if  entering an address for outside the United States, check the Override Address Verification box.
Email Address For a foreign-national employee, an e-mail address (Business Other) must be entered as soon as possible so that Glacier third-party software can contact them to determine substantial presence and evaluate applicable tax treaties.

Contact Information tab

contact information tab

Required Fields Comments
Current Addresses:

Add Address Detail

Click the Add Address Detail link.

The country defaults to USA but can be change if needed. In the Current Addresses section, click Add Address Detail and enter home/tax address. Add an additional row and enter other applicable addresses (e.g., business address). If there is more than one address, then choose a Preferred address.
Note: There is an address "cleansing" program that runs behind the scenes. It automatically validates and standardizes data that is entered here. When it recognizes a street address, it will automatically enter the County and the Postal Code. A warning will be displayed if street numbers are not correct for the location, and valid street numbers will be suggested. (The address can be saved even if you receive a warning. Do not click Override Address Verification.)

Business Address


Enter the Business Address, including the location (work location). This is the Alpha character plus the building code, for example, H0095
New business
Phone Information Enter a phone type and a number into the Telephone field. Click the Add a new row button to add another phone number. If more than one number is entered,  a Preferred number must be chosen. Only phone types of "Business" and "Business Other" should be marked Preferred.
Email Address

Email Information
Enter an email address into the Email Address field. Click the Add a new row button to add another email address. If more than one email address is entered, a Preferred address must be chosen.

Do NOT enter a Business email address; if entered, it will be overwritten by the system during processing when the business email is auto-populated. Leave this blank.

Regional tab

The Regional tab may not be visible by all users; it is based on security and the user's role. In the Regional tab, enter the second section of the Veterans Survey from page 4 (from the W4 packet on the UWSS Service Operations website) of the Employee Self–Identification Form. 

Regional Tab

Note: If updating an employee's existing record,  add a new effective dated row in the History section.  

Required Fields Comments
Ethnic Group Choose from the list of Ethnic Groups (click the look up to see the list of options.)
  • More than one ethnic group can be added.
  • Click the Add a new row button and choose another ethnic group.
  • Click the View All link to see both rows.

Do NOT choose a Primary ethnicity - leave the check boxes blank.

This field is important for regulatory reporting. New employees will be asked to self-identify on a form they complete when they are hired.

Other Fields Comments
Eligible to Work Should be checked by default.
Citizenship (Proof 1) and Citizenship (Proof 2) These fields will be populated by the Glacier interface during the hiring of a foreign national, however data may be entered directly into these fields.
Military Status Choose the appropriate value in the drop-down list.
Military Discharge Date To enter or edit the Military Discharge date, click the Edit Discharge Date link (see screenshot above). A new tab will open when adding or updating the date. 

UW Personal tab

The State of Wisconsin Additional Fields (Disabled and Veterans) may not be visible for all users; this is based on security and your role.

UW Personal Tab

Required Fields (depends on the hire) Comments
Adj Cont Svc Dt Adj Cont Svc Dt is the Adjusted Continuous Service Date field and is used for WRS eligible employees. In some instances, an employee may have had a break in service. There is an online seniority calculator from the State of Wisconsin  Division of Personnel Management that determines the Adjusted Continuous Service Date. This is seniority date minus breaks in service, as defined by the UW and State of Wisconsin policies. This date was converted from the legacy system (IADS) for people who already had this in their employee record. It can be manually entered when needed.
Release Home Information The default is No. Check this box if the person being added has elected to release their home info (e.g. for the directory). (Do not use the field called "Waive Data Protection" located on the previous tab.)
Effective Date Enter the effective date, which is either the current date or the start date of the job, whichever is earlier.
Foreign Nat Working Outside US/ or Working Inside US If hiring a foreign national,  the Foreign Nat Working Outside US/Inside US box can be checked as needed.
Selective Service Recording Selective Service in HRS is optional.

Organizational Relationships tab

Organizational Relationships Tab

Required Fields (depends on the hire) Comments
Choose Employee or Person of Interest. The employee's personal data has been completed. On this tab choose if the person is an Employee or a Person of Interest.

Do NOT use Contingent Worker; we are not using this.
Person of Interest If  creating a Person of Interest (POI), another field appears listing the types of POIs.

These records are for non-employees and may include consultants, emeritus faculty, non-UW time approvers for time and labor, non-UW interviewer for TAM, or other individuals requiring an affiliation with a UW institution, other than employer-employee.

For a POI, see KB #15636 Adding or Maintaining a Person of Interest (POI) in HRS for instruction about what information must be entered.

Additionally, all employees who terminated within five years prior to the HRS implementation date are included in HRS  as POIs.
Add the Relationship Click this button to Add the Relationship. This saves the person's data and the system automatically navigates to the pages where job data is entered. You may see some warnings or have errors to correct.

Continue with hiring the person or Save this person's record and Add an Employment Instance via Job Data at a later time.

Note: A Person ID will be assigned to the Person once you have clicked the Add the Relationship button or Saved. Once you hire the Person into a Position or Job, the Person ID becomes their EmplID.

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