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Managing Workstudy Awards in HRS


Campus Financial Aid Offices are responsible for inputting federal work study award information into HRS. The awards may be entered into HRS by either direct entry into the Award Table or via the Inbound File Upload batch process. This user procedure will describe how federal work study student award information is set up, maintained, and processed in HRS.
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Instructions for Direct Entry into the Award Table

  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > UW Work Study > Work Study Award Table

  2. Click on Add a New Value.

  3. Enter an Empl ID, Business Unit, Year, and Session.

  4. Click on the Add button.

    work study award table

  5. The new Award Table will be displayed.

  6. Enter the Award Amount and Select Save.

    • The Begin Date and End Date are not editable fields.  They are system derived based on the Business Unit, Year, and Session selected.
    • The Award Balance will refresh once you select Save.

    work study award table entry

Instructions for Inbound File Upload Batch Process

  1. Navigate to: Inbound File Upload > Inbound File Uploads/Errors

  2. The Inbound File Uploads page will display.

  3. Click on the Add/Plus button to insert a new row.

  4. In the File Type column in the new row, select Work study from the drop-down list.

  5. Enter a File Description and Business Unit

  6. Click on the paper clip.

    work study award upload steps

  7. The file search page will display.

    WS Inbound File Search
  8. Press the Browse button to locate the file to be uploaded.  Note: the file must be saved with a .csv extension

    work study award table upload file

  9. Press the Upload button.  You will be returned to the Inbound File Uploads page.
    • Financial Aid Administrators should check the Approved for Processing checkbox.
    • The file upload process runs nightly Sunday through Thursday.

  10. Select Save.

Checking for Error files

Awards which cannot be processed will result in an error file.  It will be the responsibility of Financial Aid to log back into HRS to check to see if an Error file was created as part of the Inbound Interface process.  No automated notification will be generated.

  1. Navigate to Inbound File Upload > Inbound File Uploads/Errors

  2. The Inbound File Uploads page will display.  Select the Upload Errors tab.

    work study award error files

  3. Look for an Attached Error file.  If one exists, it will be named the same as the Inbound File originally uploaded with _err added to the end.  To make it easier to find a file, click on any of the headings to resort.

  4. Double click on a file to open.
    • Financial Aid Administrators will need to determine the error.  If necessary, Awards can then be updated online on the Award Table or saved with a different file name and re-processed through the Inbound File Upload page.

Types of Errors:

  • The social security number in the file matches more than one employee in HRS.
  • Data elements are missing or invalid: Award Year, Award Session, etc.
  • Requested change to award amount is forcing the balance negative.

Deleting an Award

  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > UW Work Study > Work Study Award Table

  2. Enter an Empl ID and hit Search.  The Award will be displayed.

  3. Click on the (-) button.

    work study award table fix entry

  4. An Alert message will display.  This is a check to make sure you really want to delete the Award.  Click OK.

    work study award delete message

    NOTE: An award cannot be deleted if there has been any activity against it.  You will receive an error message.

  5. The Begin Date and End Date are removed.  The Award Amount and Award Balance become $0.00.

    work study award removed

  6. Click on Save.

Job Extension

In addition to the existence of a Award, there are two more pieces of information which must be set up at an employee level: the Funded Indicator (Yes/No) and Job Type.  This information will be maintained by HR/Payroll Coordinators and Financial Aid at the time of hire.  HRS will default a row into the Job Extension from values selected by the Campus Financial Aid Office.  The default is added ONLY on the first Job row when the employee class is SH-Student Hourly. 

To enter a new value:

  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > UW Work Study > Work Study Job Extension Table

  2. The Search Page will display.

    work study award job extension entry page

  3. Enter an Empl ID and hit Search.

  4. The Job Extension Table will display.

    work study award job extension

  5. Verify the Funded Indicator (Checkbox equals Yes, payments on empl record will liquidate work study award) and Job Type.
If one or both values need to be changed:
  • Click on the Plus Sign
  • Select a new Effective Date
  • Status will be Active
  • Select correct values
  • Click Save

Funding Distribution Process

The program to update awards and distribute work study funding will normally occur as part of the post-confirmation job stream for every bi-weekly payroll.

Outbound File Creation Process

Award balance and payment information is made available to Financial Aid Administrators through an Outbound Interface file after each bi-weekly payroll.  This file can be uploaded back into the Financial Aid systems to keep them in sync with HRS.  The Outbound Interface is not part of any batch processes.  Financial Aid Administrators will need to run on an ad hoc basis by following these steps: 

    1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > UW Work Study > Work Study Outbound Interface

    2. The Search page will display.

      work study outbound

    3. Enter a Run Control or press the Search button and the Outbound Interface run control page will display.

      work study outbound interface

    4. Enter all of the required parameters: Business Unit, Year, Session, and Pay Run ID

    5. Press the Run button.

    6. Use the Process Monitor and View Log/Trace, see KB Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS

    7. Click on .stdout to open the file.
      • This file contains information on the number of rows in the file or if there were any errors.  You can close this page after viewing.

    8. Click on the .dat file.  This contains the award balance and payment output.

Sample File:
work study award outbound interface file

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