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Viewing HRS Actuals Funding Distribution After Payroll Post-Confirmation in HRS


After payroll post-confirmation processing (typically on Friday of a payroll processing week), you can view preliminary funding distribution for an employee's earnings, deductions, and taxes, before it is interfaced to WISDM (Wisconsin Data Mart for PeopleSoft Financials). This job aid shows how to view funding for an employee's earnings, deductions, and taxes for a particular payroll, after payroll post-confirmation processing.

Process Considerations:

  • It is important to be aware that the funding distribution information found in HRS the day after payroll confirmation can change over the course of the day while post-confirmation processing occurs. For this reason, the recommended practice is to wait for WISER to be updated to verify how an employee's payroll expenses were funded. The time between the completion of Post Confirm processing and when the data is available in WISER is usually minimal. For example, when a payroll is confirmed on a Thursday, WISER will typically have the funding distribution information by first thing Monday morning.
  • HRS Security Role Needed - FI Campus: Act Distrib Funding; also see Funding and Direct Retro Security by Campus in HRS

You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:

Instructions:  Review Actuals Distribution Search

  1. Navigation path: Payroll for North America> Payroll Distribution > Commitment Accounting USA > Review Actuals Distribution.
    1. Also accessible from the Finance WorkCenter found at Payroll for North America > Payroll Distribution > Commitment Accounting USA > UW Finance WorkCenter. For more information about the WorkCenter, see KB Setting Up a WorkCenter in HRS .
  2. In the Review Actuals Distribution screen, the Find an Existing Value tab displays searchable fields.
    a. In the optional Pay Group field, enter all or part of the employee's 3-character Pay Group code, if known; Pay Group Descriptions in HRS. An employee's Pay Group (located on their HR Job Data record, Payroll tab) ties them to a particular UW Payroll Calendars at Calendar and Schedules, with specific pay period begin and pay period end dates.
    b. In the optional Pay Period End Date field, enter the pay period end date of the employee's payroll calendar, if known. (Refer to UW Payroll Calendars at Calendar and Schedules).
    c. In the optional Empl ID field, enter the 8-digit Employee ID, if known.
    d. In the optional Name field, enter all or part of the employee's name (e.g. Doe,Jane A)
    e. Click the Search button to display results.

    funding distribution search criteria
  3. Depending upon your search criteria, the following may display:
    • No matching values were found.
    • The Earnings tab displays for the selected employee and payroll.
    • If more than one Actuals Distribution record exists for an employee, a Search Results screen displays. Locate the Actuals Distribution record you wish to review, and click on it to select.

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View Funding Distributions for Earnings

The Earnings tab shows the summary and breakdown of U.S. dollar amount and funding combination codes charged to the employee's earnings.
The source of the funding distribution for the employee's job is derived from the Funding Data Entry page in HRS, for either Appointment, Position or Department level funding.

  • If the Earnings scroll area indicates more than one record, click the View All link to show all earnings records simultaneously. The employee's total earnings per job record number displays.
  • If the Distribution scroll area indicates more than one record, click the View All link to show all funding distribution records for the employee's total earnings.
  • The Distribution section displays the Fiscal Year HRS Accounting Period.

     July = 1  August = 2  September = 3  October =4
     November = 5  December = 6  January  = 7  February = 8
     March = 9  April = 10  May = 11  June = 12
     Close = 13      
  • The ChartFields section shows the 4-digit SFS account, 3-digit Fund Code, 6-digit Funding Department, Program code, and 7-character Project/Grant (if applicable), where the earnings were distributed. The Combination Code field is made up of the Fund Code, Funding Dept, Program Code, 3-character campus code abbreviation, and Project/Grant (if applicable).
  • Also listed is the employee's appointing Department (begins with alpha campus code), Job Code, and Position number (if applicable), which correspond to the Empl Record number.
    These charges will also display in WISDM (Wisconsin Data Mart for PeopleSoft Financials).
funding dist earnings code

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Funding for Earnings Distributed to Payroll Default (PRDFLT) or Payroll Suspense (PRSUSP)

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View Funding Distributions for Employer Paid Deductions

The Deductions tab shows Employee paid and Employer paid dollar amounts for deductions such as: health insurance, Vision Service Plan (e.g. VSP), Income Continuation Insurance (e.g. ICI), State Group Life insurance (e.g. SGL), Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (e.g. WDC), Wisconsin Retirement System (e.g. WRS), and tax-sheltered annuity plans, [e.g. 403(b)], if applicable.

The ChartFields section of the Deductions tab displays funding combination codes for the Employer paid deductions only. (This is also known as Employer paid "fringe").

  • If the Ded Class (Deduction Class) field displays Before-Tax or After-Tax, these are the Employee paid deductions.
  • If the Ded Class (Deduction Class) field shows Taxable or Nontaxable, these are the Employer paid deductions.

funding dist deductions

View Funding Distributions for Employer Paid Payroll Taxes

The Taxes tab shows Employee paid and Employer paid dollar amounts for payroll taxes such as: Social Security (OASDI); Medicare (e.g. MED); Federal withholding, State withholding, and Unemployment tax.

Under the Distribution section, the ChartFields heading displays funding combination codes for the Employer paid payroll taxes only.

funding dist taxes

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Example of Corrected Funding

When the funding for an employee's salary expense (e.g. earnings, deductions, taxes) has been corrected retroactively through a Direct Retro Funding Distribution (a/k/a Salary Cost Transfer), you will see a checkbox for Corrected and a Corrected Date field near the top of the page.

The Corrected checkbox and Corrected Date field display on each tab for Earnings, Deductions, and Taxes. Just the corrected funding information is displayed.  If you wish to view the old funding data and the new corrected funding data simultaneously, refer to KB Entering Direct Retro Funding Distribution in HRS 

funding dist corrected

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