Review of the Person Hub in HRS


When a person is hired in HRS, the hire data is sent to the Person Hub. The Person Hub in turn sends each institution the hire information so that a login ID can be created. When the institution receives this data, it then creates its own email address which is sent back to the Person Hub. This is an automatic batch process that runs every 15 minutes during the work week (7 am to 8 pm). When the email address is sent from the Person Hub back to HRS, the preferred flag is automatically checked for the business address type. If the email address is changed through the HRS system, this process will overwrite what is entered with the original email sent from the institution. To permanently change a business email address, the change must come through the interface from the institution to the Person Hub.

Process Considerations:

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    1. HRS sends new hire data to the Person Hub.
    2. Person Hub sends data to institution.

    1. The institution's system creates the User Login and sends the email to the Person Hub.
    2. The Person Hub sends the email address and the SPVI to HRS.

    HRS to IAA diagram

warning  NOTE: If you update the business email address in HRS, it will be overwritten when the Person Hub update job runs.

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