Running the Department Setup Verification Report in HRS


This user procedure describes the use and business need of the Department Setup Verification report. This report will help Campus and Division Payroll users identify organizational departments that have not been configured correctly to: a) Encumber or not encumber earnings, and b) Use suspense funding.

Process Considerations:

This report will be used to ensure accurate department setup configuration. The following department setup requirements will be validated. If any of the following four requirements is not set up according to the rules below, the department will be listed in the report output.

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Instructions for Running the Report

  1. Navigate to UW Financial Reports > Department Setup Verification.
  2. Select an existing Run Control ID, or click the "Add a New Value" tab to create and save a new Run Control ID. See KB Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS
  3. In the Dept ID prompt, enter a partial or full Dept ID, or leave blank to run for all organizational departments. Use the spyglass lookup icon as needed to view a list of Dept IDs and descriptions.

    department setup parameters
  4. Select the Run button to save the Run Control ID and advance to the Process Scheduler Request page.
  5. Verify that the Select check box is marked and that the Process Name displays UWFIR005. The Type and Format default to Web and PDF, respectively. If needed, update these fields as required.
  6. Select the OK button to initiate the process.

    department set up process scheduler
  7. Use Process Monitor and View Trace/Log to monitor and view results. Press Refresh until Run Status is Success and Distribution Status is Posted. See KB Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS for other statues.
  8. Select the Details hyperlink, then View Log/Trace.  
  9. From the File List section in the middle of the View Log/Trace page, select the hyperlink with the .PDF filename suffix.

    department set up view trace log
  10. The PDF report may be viewed in your browser and/or saved to your hard drive.
Click here for sample PDF output.

Action Needed

  1. For Departments listed on the report where "N" appears under the Commitment Acctg and/or Actuals Distributioncolumns:
    • Contact the UWSS Service Operations to request a correction to the department configuration. All departments will be set up with the Use Comm. Acctg/Budgeting and Use Actuals Distribution check boxes marked.
  2. For Departments listed on the report where "N" appears under the Suspense Fundingcolumn:
    • Contact the UWSS Service Operations to request that suspense funding is set up for the department in question.
  3. In the Encumbrancecolumn, "Y" indicates the department is set up to encumber, "N" indicates the department will not encumber.
    • If this value is incorrect contact the UWSS Service Operations.

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