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Resolving Error Messages on Funding Data Entry Page in HRS


When you add or change funding for an employee's salary expense on the Funding Data Entry page in HRS, you may encounter one or more errors when you try and save the page. When you click the Save button, the HRS funding information is being validated against edit rules in place in the Shared Financial System (SFS). You will be unable to save the Funding Data Entry page until the error message is corrected.

This document illustrates six common errors messages displayed on the Funding Data Entry page, and explains how to resolve them.
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Common Error Messages when Saving on the Funding Funding Data Entry page

Appointment entered is not eligible for budget definition

The first Funding Effective Date on the Funding Data Entry page cannot be prior to the employee's Job Effective Date of when they first began work in the appointing department. The employee's Job Effective Date on their current or future HR Job Data record may be due to a personnel action of: Hire, Transfer, Change Department, Return from Leave (different dept or fiscal year), Rehire (different dept or fiscal year).  To view the employee's Future or Current job effective date on their HR Job Data record, refer to KB Viewing Employee Job Data Records in HRS . This error is often encountered when funding was not entered for a previous hire, rehire, transfer or department change.

Resolution: In the error message window, click OK.
a. If you are adding funding, enter a funding Effective Date that is equal to the employee's Hire/Transfer/ Change Department/Return from Leave/Rehire date  -- OR --  the Pay Period Begin Date of the employee's current payroll calendar; whichever date is LATER.  Click Save.
b. If you are changing existing funding, the funding Effective Date should be the Pay Period Begin Date of the employee's current or future payroll calendar.  Click Save.
NOTE:  If this does not resolve the Appointment Eligibility error when changing existing funding, it may be due to an effective date change on the employee's HR Job Data record. This requires a more complex solution to the Appointment eligibility error message involving the Correct History button, which should be used only in rare instances. Refer to KB Adding or Changing Appointment Level Funding for Employee's Salary Expense in HRS , or contact the Service Center for assistance.

The Effective Date is less than the Budget Begin Date

The Funding effective date for the Fiscal Year must fall within the date range of the Budget Begin Date (07/01/20XX) and Budget End Date (06/30/20XX) which are listed at the top of the Funding Data Entry page.

Resolution: In the error message window, click OK, and enter a valid funding effective date. Click Save.
Error early effective date

The Effective Date is greater than the Budget End Date

The Funding effective date for the Fiscal Year must fall within the date range of the Pay Begin Date of the 7A and the Pay End Date of the 6B.
Resolution: In the error message window, click OK, and enter a valid funding effective date equal to or less than June XX, 20XX. Click Save.
error late effective date

The percent distributions for an earning type must total 100%

For each unique sequence number, the sum of all percentages under the Distrib % column must total 100%.

Resolution: In the error message window, click OK, and update distribution percentages to equal 100.000%.  Click Save.
error distribution not 100

Invalid Value

If you have a typographical error, or the information entered is not among the list of valid values, the field in error will display in a red color or be highlighted.

In the error message window, click OK.  For the field in error, click on the data lookup icon, and select a valid value.   Click Save.
NOTE: If the field in error involves a 7-character Project/Grant number (e.g. PRJ24PD), you may need to contact your campus Controller's office or Shared Financial System SFS Support person to verify that the Project/Grant is valid, and ready to use in HRS.
error dept ID wrong

You Must Enter a Default Earnings Distribution

You entered funding for a payroll earnings code in the ERNCD column, but did not enter a funding row for the employee's regular earnings, deductions, and taxes. The ERNCD (earnings code) column in the Funding Distribution section is only used to designate funding for a payroll earnings code when it differs from the funding for their regular earnings. Refer to KB Designate Funding for Payroll Earnings Code Differently Than Regular Pay in HRS .

Resolution: Within the Funding Distribution grid section, click the icon to add another funding distribution row. In the new row, enter the Fund code, Funding Dept, Program code, Project/Grant (if applicable), and funding distribution percentage for the employee's regular earnings, deductions, and taxes.  Leave the ERNCD (earnings code) column blank.  Click Save.

error no default funding

If you are unable to resolve the error message, contact the UWSS Service Operations so that a business analyst can be assigned to resolve your issue; see Get help from UW-Shared Services Support Team.

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