Submitting a File to the Inbound File Upload Page in HRS


This document describes how to submit a file to the inbound file page for processing. When files are uploaded to the Inbound File Upload page, either a UWSS Service Operations staff member or an automated batch process will load the file's information into the correct tables in HRS.

Process Considerations:

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Instructions for Uploading the File

  1. Navigation: Inbound File Upload > Inbound File Uploads/Errors
  2. Click on the plus sign on any existing row to add a new blank row.
  3. The fields that need to be completed are:
    • File Type - Use the drop down arrow to select the applicable type of file you are uploading.  The most common file types uploaded by campuses are Work Study, General Deduction, and FICA.

    • File Description - Enter a short description identifying the file you will be submitting

    • Business Unit - Use the look up icon to look up and select the Business Unit (Campus) that is submitting the file

    submit deduction file

4.  Click on the paper clip icon to attach the file.

5.  Click the Browse button to search for the file that you wish to upload.

warning signThe file must be in .csv format or it will not be able to be saved to the upload page.

9.2 upload file

6.  Once you have selected the file, click the Upload button to upload the file.

7.  The name of the file you have just uploaded will now show in the Attached File field.

8.  Click the Save button to save the file.
warning sign Please only check the "Approved for Processing" checkbox when uploading work study files (if you do not check this box, the nightly work study job will not load the file).  For other file types, UWSS Service Operations will check this box prior to running the upload process.

General Deduction Upload File Template Criteria

  1. When submitting a general deduction file for upload, the .csv template file must contain all information and formatting listed below.  If the file is not submitted correctly it may be returned to the campus and will not process until fixed.
  • The EMPLID must contain all eight (8) numbers including all leading zeros (0).
  • The COMPANY is always UWS.
  • The EFFDT is the Effective Date (must be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, ten characters including the slashes). If the effective date is on or before the pay period end date, the system takes the deduction.
  • The DEDCD is the Deduction Code.
  • DED_CALC is the Deduction Calculation Routine. Acceptable values include:
    • A - Flat Amount (most commonly used)
    • D - Default to Deduction Table. Before using this value, verify with the UWSS Service Operations that a Default value has been entered into the General Deduction Table. This will be used if all employees will always have the exact same deduction amount all the time and the deduction code is configured for this.
    • G - Percent of Total Gross
  • DEDUCTION_END_DT is the Deduction End Date (must be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, ten characters including the slashes). A deduction end date is not required if you want the deduction to be on-going or if you enter a goal amount in the Goal Amount field. If you specify a deduction end date, the system takes the deduction only if the deduction end date is on or after the pay period end date.
  • DED_RATE_PCT is the Deduction Rate or %. This is only used if you specified the Deduction Calculation Routine of G - Percent of Total Gross (not commonly used).
  • LOAN_INT_PCT is the Loan Interest %. This will not be used - leave field blank.
  • DED_ADDL_AMT is the Flat or Additional Amount. This field must be completed if the Deduction Calculation Routine of A - Flat Amount was selected. Do not include the dollar sign ($) or commas. If the value is a whole dollar amount decimal places are not necessary. Up to two decimal places are acceptable.
  • GOAL_AMT is the Goal Amount. This is the total amount of all of the amounts to be deducted. Once the Goal Amount has been reached the deduction will cease to be withheld from the employee's earnings. If the value is a whole dollar amount decimal places are not necessary. Up to two decimal places are acceptable.
  • GOAL_BAL is the Goal Balance. This is an amount maintained by PeopleSoft. Do not indicate an amount in this field.

9.2 upload template file