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Viewing the Work Study Job Extension Table in HRS


The Work Study Job Extension Table is used to define whether an employee's empl record is work study eligible and what type of work study job is held. When a new student is hired, a record for that empl record is automatically created on the Work Study Job Extension table, and each institution's configured default values are filled in on the page. Users can navigate to the Work Study Job Extension Table page and review/update an employee's work study eligibility and funding status for each individual empl record.

Process Considerations:

  • Financial Aid uploads files to HRS for Work Study Awards (i.e. August is when the biggest amount of files is sent.  Additional files are sent throughout each session as needed.)
  • The file submitted by Financial Aid searches for an SSN match to add the Work Study record to. If the process does not find a match in the system, it creates a new empl ID in HRS with  a Person of Interest (POI) record as well as person information including Name, SS#, DOB, Gender.

Note: A batch process runs after each payroll confirmation and matches Student Help earnings with Work Study Awards automatically, as long as the Work Study Extension box is checked.  This distributes the Work Study funding.

  • Info that the Financial Aid file automatically uploads into the system:
    • Award Year/Session
    • Award Amount/Award Balance
    • Institution
    • Effective Date
    • End Date
You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


1. Navigate to: Payroll NA > Payroll Processing USA > UW Work Study > Work Study Job Extension Table
2. All student help employees will have a Work Study Extension Table record automatically created for them upon hire, even if they do not have a work study award. To view the employee's information, enter the employee's Empl_ID and click the Search button
work study award job extension entry
3.  The employee's existing Work Study page will be displayed.
  • Most campuses will also have the Work Study Job Type default of “On Campus” (or a version of). If the Work Study Job Type is different than the default (ie: America Reads), a new effective dated row must be inserted and the drop down needs to be changed to reflect the correct Work Study Job Type. 
  • The Job Type will determine the federal share of funding during the distribution process.
  • Most campuses will have the “Work Study Funded” box checked by default, except UWLAC, UWSTO, UWSTP.  The best practice is to leave that checkbox as is, unless you have been instructed by your campus to check or uncheck this box. 
Work Study Replace
4.  The Work Study Extension Table may need to be updated based upon each individual campus process.  Smaller campuses may have their Financial Aid offices handle the Work Study Extension Table, but it varies by campus.

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