Adding Disability and Veterans Information in HRS


This procedure will walk you through the steps of entering the disability and/or veteran status information that is obtained from the Employee Self-Identification Form. This data is used for reporting to the State of Wisconsin and the Federal Government

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Modify a Person~Regional tab

  2. Add a row.  Select the appropriate military status from the drop-down menu.

    • Note: If you're updating an employee's existing record, you will need to add a new effective dated row in the History section.

  3. Veteran Status Matrix

  4. If the Discharge Date is entered on the Veterans Survey section of the Employee Self–Identification Form, enter the Military Discharge Date by clicking the Edit Discharge Date link.

  5. If the employee is a disabled veteran, navigate to the Disabilities page under the Veteran section to select this status (see Disability Status section below for further details).

    Note: If the employee only indicates disabled veteran for their veterans status, then only the Disabilities page needs to be updated.

Disability Status
  1. Navigate to the Disabilities Page: Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Disability>Disabilities

  2. Click the Disabled check box.

  3. Click the USA flag.  Complete the section.

  4. Enter the employee's Disabled status.

  5. If the employee is a disabled veteran, check the Disabled Veteran checkbox under the Veteran section.

  6. Click Save.

Disability Page Replace

Disability Flag Section Replace

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