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Managing Payroll Options in HRS


This user procedure will explain the options available on the Update Payroll Options page for an individual receiving payments from HRS. There are two tabs contained within the Update Payroll Options page. The first page, Payroll Options 1, will allow Payroll Administrators to indicate at an individual level if an employee is to receive his/her Earnings Statement in hard copy format. If an employee receives a paper pay check, this tab can also be used to specify the address that is printed on those checks. The second page, Payroll Options 2, which will be used only at UWSS Service Operations, contains options to override certain information in payroll, including the name on the check.
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To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America>Employee Pay Data USA>Update Payroll Options.
  2. To locate the employee record you wish to update, enter one of the values represented in the table below and press the SEARCH key.

    update payroll option search

Payroll Options 1 Tab

Managed at the campus level
      ):  This page can be used to indicate that an employee needs a hard copy Earnings Statement or to change the address that is specifically printed on an employee's paper paycheck.

      : The Update Payroll Options page does not control whether an employee receives a paper check or not.  An employee only receives a paper check from HRS if there is no banking information entered on the
Request Direct Deposit
      page or if the information on that page is in "inactive" status.
    1.   Paycheck Delivery Option:
      • Company Distribution - This will be the default for all employees.  This option means an employee will receive their Earnings Statements in electronic format.
      • Postal Service - This option is not used.
      • Hard Copy - This is the option to select if employees need to receive their Earnings Statements in hard copy.
    2. Distribution Mail Option:
      • Home Address - This is the default address upon creation of the person record for all individuals added to the database.  If this option is selected, the employee's home address from the Modify a Person page displays in the Employee's Current Address section.
      • Mailing Address - If this option is chosen, the Employee's Current Address section will display the mailing address from the employee's Modify a Person page.  If the employee does not have a mailing address entered on Modify a Person, this will show as blank.
      • Check Address - This option can be selected if the address printed on an employee's paper check needs to reflect something different than what is entered in Modify a Person. 
        a. If this option is chosen, the payroll coordinator should next click the Update Check Address link and enter the desired address.
        b. Upon saving, the system will automatically update the employee's Modify a Person page with this newly added "Check Address."
update payroll option tab 1

Payroll Options 2 Tab

(Managed at UWSS Service Operations)
  • Paycheck Name:  This is where the name on a paper check can be changed to another name in the case of a deceased employee.
  • None of the other options on this page are currently used.

update payroll options tab 2

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