Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS


The Process Monitor is used to review the status of and download the outputs of any processes or reports that are run in PeopleSoft.

After you submit a job, use Process Monitor to review the status of scheduled or running processes. You can view all processes to see the status of any job in the queue and control processes that you initiated. Process Monitor consists of two pages: the Process List page and the Server List page. Use the Process List page to monitor the process requests that you submit. If a process encounters an error, or if a server is down, you can find out almost immediately. You can also see what processes are queued to run in the future.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Log in to HRS or EPM and navigate to the report you wish to run.
  2. Once you have entered the Run Control ID, selected any required run parameters,and your process or report is ready to be run, click the Run button.

    Run Control Sample Page
  3. The HRS system will assign a unique Process Instance for your report or process.  Click the Process Monitor link to access the Process Scheduler Page.

    Process Monitor Hyperlink
  4. Click the Refresh button until the Run Status shows Success and the Distribution Status shows Posted. 
  5. Once the report has run successfully, click the Details link.

    Details Link
  6. On the Process Detail screen, choose View Log/Trace.

    View Trace Log link
  7. To retrieve your output report (if applicable), click on the appropriate link on the View Log/Trace screen.  You should see a pop up window asking if you want to open or save your output report. 

    NOTE:  The pop up window will vary depending on the browser used.  (PDF – Portable Document Format, an image or snapshot; CSV – Comma-Separated Values, can be manipulated via MS Excel or other spreadsheet software; XLS – MS Excel, originated and saved in MS Excel)

    Link to Output
  8. To go back to the Process Detail screen, click the Return button.

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