Printing a Manual Benefits Billing Invoice in HRS


This procedure explains how to create and print a manual invoice for an employee that is enrolled in Benefits Billing. This will be used when an invoice is needed outside of the normal monthly Benefits Billing calculation process which is run on the Tuesday evening, on or before to the 20th of each month.

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  1. Navigate to the Reprint Statement page: Benefits > Benefits Billing > Create Statements > Reprint Statements
  2. Click the Add New Value tab.
  3. Enter a Print ID and click the Add button.

    Reprint statements
  4. Enter the relevant billing period (format is YYMM).
  5. Enter the EMPLID that needs a reprint in the EMPLID box.

    NOTE: Press enter on the keyboard while the cursor is still in the text box and the employee's name will appear.

  6. If additional EMPLID’s are required, click the (+) button and repeat step 5.
  7. After all EMPLID’s are entered click the Save button.

    reprinting statements
  8. Navigate to the Print Billing Statement Page: Benefits > Benefits Billing > Create Statements > Print Billing Statements
  9. Click the Add a New Value tab.
  10. Enter the Run Control ID, which is the same as the Print ID used in the reprint page, and click the Add button.

    run control
  11. Leave the Language drop down as English.
  12. Verify accuracy of Billing Period field. Enter the most current Benefits Billing period that was processed.

    NOTE: Running for a future billing period can break the module.

  13. Enter "CURRENT DATE" in the field for Statement Date and Date for determining Past Due.
  14. Check the Reprint checkbox.
  15. Enter the Print ID you used on the Reprint Statement page and click Run.

    run button
  16. Click the checkbox for "Bill Statements - Extract/Print".
  17. Update the Type drop down field to "Printer".
  18. Update the Format drop down field to "PDF".
  19. Enter "RDM_HRS_PROD" into the Output Destination field.
  20. Click OK.

    Process Scheduler

    Note: If you successfully ran the print process, you will see a Process Instance number under the run button.

    process instance
  21. Click the Process Monitor link at the top of the page, left of the run button.
  22. Click on the Refresh button until the Run Status reaches "Success" and the Distribution Status reaches "Posted".

    NOTE: Make sure your EMPLID is in the User ID field.

    user id
  23. Successful reprinted Benefits Billing statements will go directly to Cypress.
  24. Review the reprinted statement in Cypress then print and distribute to employee as applicable.

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