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Employee Classifications (Empl Class) in HRS


This job aid will assist HR professionals in selecting the appropriate employee classification category when creating positions or making changes in Job Data. In some cases, the Empl Class will have default continuity options.

Where applicable, this table indicates job codes that correspond to particular Employee Classes

Empl Class to Job Code Crosswalk
Group Empl Class Code Empl Class Name HRS Position Req'd Job Code Title (active as of 11/7/21) Notes
Academic Staff AS Academic Staff Y multiple
University Staff CJ Univ Staff Project - FT Finite (Classified Project) Y multiple
CL Univ Staff Temporary Employment (Classified LTE) N multiple
CP Univ Staff Ongoing Employment (Classified Permanent) Y multiple
Employees-in-Training ET1 Research Assoc Y PD012 Research Associate
ET2 Misc No Withholding Y PD003 Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Trainee

PD014 Postdoctoral Scholar
ET3 Misc With Withholding Y


Intern (Non-Physician)

PD005-PD011 Post Grad Trainee 1-7
PD013 Research Intern
ET4 Grad Intern/Trainee Y PD001 Grad Intern/Trainee Non-taxable
Faculty FA Faculty Y multiple
Limited LI Limited Y multiple
Other OT1 Ad Hoc Prg Spec/Corr Tutor N OT002 Ad Hoc Program Specialist
OT012 Correspondence Tutor Non Paid
OT2 Zero Dollar Conc/Teach Supv N OT001 Academic Staff Backup Non Paid
OT004 Classified (University Staff) Backup Non Paid
OT005 Department Chairperson Non Paid
OT008 Teaching Supervisor Non Paid Concurrent
OT010 Assoc of Chancellor Non Paid
OT011 Assoc of President Non Paid
OT014 Regent Professor Non Paid
OT3 OT Pensions N OT009 Vilas Trust Fund Pensions
OT013 Carnegie Pensions Non Paid
OT4 Honorary Assoc/Fellow N OT006 Honorary Associate/Fellow Non Paid
OT5 Adv Opportunity Participant N OT003 Advanced Opportunity Participant
OT6 Pre-College Intern N OT007 Pre-College Intern
Student Assistants SA1 Fellow,Scholar,Trainee,AOF Y SA001 Advanced Opportunity Fellow
SA002 Fellow
SA010 Scholar
SA013 Trainee
SA2 Research Assistant Y SA009 Research Assistant
SA3 Teaching Assistant Y SA004 Lecturer (SA)
SA011 Teaching Asst-Standard
SA012 Teaching Asst-Senior
SA016 Teaching Asst Doct
SA017 Teaching Asst Dissertat
SA018 Teaching Assistant
SA4 Undergrad Asst Y SA014 Undergraduate Assistant
SA5 PA/Grad Asst Y SA005 Program Assistant
SA006 Project Assistant
SA007 Program Asst-Grader/Reader
SA008 Project Asst-Grader/Reader
SA019 Prog Asst Doctoral
SA020 Prog Asst Dissertator
SA021 Project Assistant-Doctoral
SA022 Project Assistant-Dissertator
SA023 Graduate Assistant
SA6 Undergraduate Intern Y SA015 Undergraduate Intern
SA7 Housefellow/Res Asst Y SA003 Housefellow/Resident Assistant
Student Help SH Student Help N multiple

You can find an employee's Empl Class on Position from the main Menu in HRS by navigating to : Organizational Development > Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info; search for position numberScreen shot of empl class on Position

You can find an employee's Empl Class in Job Data from the main Menu in HRS by navigating to: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data; search for employee; click on the Job Information tab.
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