Processing the Saving Plan Enrollment Missing SSN WED Report in HRS


The Savings Plan Enrollment Missing SSN Report identify employees who currently don't have a SSN entered into HRS. The missing data needs to be entered before the deduction takes otherwise the administrator will need to stop the employee's contribution.

Process Considerations

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  1. Log into HRS.  The Workflow Exception Dashboard queries will appear based on your current security and whether there is an error to fix.
  2. Click on the UW_BN_SAV_MISSING_SSN query hyperlink in the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED).
  3. A current list of employees who are enrolled into TSA or Roth plans with a missing SSN.  This list will be refreshed each evening.  (Note:  Empl_ID's that appear as hyperlinks in the list have more than one error.)
  4. Click the 'Check to Claim' checkbox next to the person you wish to work with and your name will appear in the Claimed By section with the date and time noted.

  5. Click the SAVINGS_PLANS1 hyperlink for the employee you have claimed.

  6. The employee's Savings Plans enrollment page will be displayed.  You may need to click on the arrow button to navigate to between between Saving Plan Type enrollments.

  7. You will need to work with the Business Unit to address the missing SSN prior to payroll confirmation.  Otherwise you will need to remove enrollment until the missing information has been addressed.  DO NOT allow deductions to occur on the payroll if the information is still missing.

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